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Israel’s Eurovision song for Eden Alene: Aussievision's Top 3

Yesterday, Israeli broadcaster KAN revealed the nine songs in contention to be the Israeli entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam.

Israel’s 2020 representative Eden Alene will be singing the winning song of the selection at Eurovision, and the lucky winner will be chosen after two rounds of online voting. Click here to learn more about all nine songs and the selection process.

The Aussievision team has voted and here are our top three songs of the nine entries from Eden Alene’s online selection. Each voter chose their two favourite songs, just like in the online selection.

3rd place: ‘Shoulders’ (3 points)

Voters: Dale, Hugo, Laura

Coming in third place is ‘Shoulders’, a song about two people reflecting on their friendship and fond memories of the times they have shared together. With a chorus about dancing one’s worries away, it is easy to imagine a stage full of dancers with lively choreography when listening to this song. Fans of ‘Toy’ should give ‘Shoulders’ a listen.

2nd place: ‘Ue La La’ (4 points)

Voters: Cooper, Fleur, Hugo, Kyriakos

This dancefloor banger with a French twist certainly got the team’s attention! Complete with a trilingual chorus and lyrics about wanting to find the perfect man, our silver medallist is sure to set the clubs on fire (once restrictions are lifted of course!) If only there was a way to get that earworm of a chorus out of our heads...

1st place: ‘Set Me Free’ (5 points)

Voters: Cooper, Dale, Fleur, Laura, Wade

This catchy pop number with a hint of strings and funk rhythms was the Aussievision team’s favourite entry in the selection. 'Set Me Free' is about making it on one’s own after a breakup, and the empowering lyrics certainly resonated with the team! If you liked ‘What’s the Pressure’ and ‘Dance You Off’, definitely check this out!

Other songs to receive at least 1 point from Aussievision team members include ‘Coming Out’, ‘Flying’, ‘La La Love’ and ‘Spilling Magic’.

The first round of voting from the public closes on 13 December 2020. At that point three of the nine songs will move on to the next round of voting. Two songs will be chosen by the public, with the remaining song being chosen by a selection committee. The final three songs will be recorded by Eden Alene and a second round of online voting will commence, with voters choosing one song instead of two. The most popular song in this round of voting will be Israel's Eurovision entry for 2021.


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