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Israel: KAN reveals nine potential songs to be sung by Eden Alene at Eurovision 2021

Israeli broadcaster KAN has revealed the titles, lyrics, and audio demos of the nine songs vying to represent Israel at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

The nine songs have been published on the KAN website without revealing the identity of any of the songs’ authors or composers, as per the rules of the selection process. These songs are demos and have not yet been recorded by Eden Alene.

The titles of the nine songs are:

  • ‘Flying’

  • ‘Coming Out’

  • ‘Can’t Stop A Hurricane’

  • ‘Set Me Free’

  • ‘Rise Up Today’

  • ‘La La Love’

  • ‘Ue La La’

  • ‘Spilling Magic’

  • ‘Shoulders’

Fans can vote for their favourite songs through the KAN website or the KAN app. When voting in the first round of the selection process, a total of two songs (no more, no less) must be chosen to cast a valid vote.

However the songs are geoblocked (from Australia at least) but if you can find a way to access them..... visit the link below to listen:

The first round of voting closes on 13 December 2020.

Three of the nine songs will move on to the next round of voting. Two songs will be chosen by the public, with the remaining song being chosen by a selection committee. The final three songs will be recorded by Eden Alene and a second round of online voting will commence, with voters choosing one song instead of two. The most popular song in this round of voting will be Israel's Eurovision entry for 2021.


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