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Eurovision 2020 cancellation - response from Joel Creasey and SBS

The responses to the devastating news that Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled have been coming in thick and fast.

Montaigne took to Twitter to share her thoughts, while SBS Eurovision commentator Joel Creasey addressed the broadcaster's Eurovision Facebook group saying:

"We are absolutely shattered that the best week of the year, Eurovision, won't be taking place this year in its traditional form. The first time in 65 years. It genuinely has been an absolute joy to cover it for you the past few years. We understand the necessity of these actions but we are devastated nonetheless.

The incredible teams at SBS and Blink TV had truly been working so hard, Montaigne's staging was looking AMAZING (like, AMAZING) and I had even convinced myself that I liked 'The Mamas' song!

There’s a lot to work through, but hopefully we’ll bring you some hot Eurovision-themed content soon. Even if I have to Skype Dami and force her to sing Sound of Silence for us all on here (she's going to regret ever giving me her number). You'll be shocked to know that I own a hot glue gun and Janome and I'm fairly sure Myf has an industrial strength fan in her garage we can use as a wind machine.

But in the meantime I'll be watching clips of Eleni Foureira on loop to calm me.

In the words of Jess Mauboy 'We got love!'

Joel and Myf xoxo"

Joel also shared this SBS statement:

"Like millions of fans across the world, SBS is extremely saddened that the Eurovision Song Contest will not take place in 2020. With the uncertainty created by the spread of COVID-19, we fully support the difficult decision made by the European Broadcasting Union.

SBS is working through plans for 2020 and 2021 and will provide more information soon."

We expect more news to come out in the coming days and potentially weeks. As Eurovision fans we need to support each other, the artists and the broadcasters and be patient.

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