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Montaigne responds to Eurovision 2020 cancellation

As we all know Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled, and as awful it is for organisers and fans, it is even more devastating for the artists.

They have worked harder than any to reach this goal and it has now been taken away from them.

Australia's Eurovision artist for 2020 Montaigne took to Twitter to share her thoughts.

The full transcript is below the embedded tweet.

"Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled. I’ve had my cry. I spent a couple of hours paralysed in bed, despondently scrolling through the many lovely tweet mentions from people expressing love and support.

I imagine I’ll probably have a lot more cries in the next little while, for me and for the wonderful team who were working with me to make our vision come to life.

But the truth is that cancelling Eurovision is the most responsible and ethical decision that the EBU could have made. A decision they *have* to make. It is best that we all practice the measures that will stop COVID-19’s ravaging effects from going on any longer than they could.

The team at Eurovision are still working through plans, as is SBS, so we will have more info to share soon. Thank you to Paul and everyone at Blink TV and SBS for making the process of devising a campaign for a Eurovision performance so easy and fun, for really listening to me and understanding who I am and wanting to figure out how to combine that with Eurovision. Thanks to Marko Panzic and Sasha Mutch who were an integral part of the second phase of staging, I wish we could have presented our ideas.

Thank you to@WonderlickEnt who have always been there for me in more ways than one. Thank you to@SonyMusicAU and especially to Olly for helping me through every overwhelming public moment and supporting me through everything

Thank you to my family, friends, and partner who have cradled me in the twinkle of their eyes. A tip of the hat to Eurovision fans who are so passionate, I know this is just as much of a loss for you as it is for me.

And a final tip of the hat to the other Eurovision contestants this year who were working their butts off to make their dream come true. I’m sorry it turned out like this.

I’m gonna try figure out how to make the best of this situation creatively, see if there’s something I can present to you, the fans, that will feel satisfying, or will feel anything like closure, or at least coping. I’ve got a lot of fucking time on my hands so. Let’s get to work."

We encourage you all to support Montaigne by buying or streaming 'Don't Break Me'. Details:


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