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Didirri releases his Australia Decides song ‘Raw Stuff’

Today self confessed Australian sad boy Didirri has released his song ‘Raw Stuff’ that he will perform at ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020’ in the Gold Coast.

When Didirri was revealed with Montaigne back in December he said:

“Eurovision in three words. New. To. Me. I feel like with Eurovision, someone just turned up the contrast on the television. A bunch of people are happy making what they are doing and they are happy that they are on stage with other people that are doing what they are doing. I am going to be myself, just with a piano.

I’d finished the song and it sat really naturally like I put all the flowers in place and then I was like oh don’t touch it. It’s done. Id love to led people into a quiet place and make someone go, doesn’t matter what’s going on out there right now, we’re gonna be here for three minutes. I’d be honoured to be that person for someone else.”

In mid January he held a bushfire fundraiser show in Melbourne along with Pierce Brothers, Jack Botts and Steve Cousins.

Didirri joins nine other acts for the final of Australia Decides on February 8 on the Gold Coast.

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