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Our Q&A with Australia Decides performer Didirri

Congratulations on being selected to perform at Australia Decides in 2020. How did this come to be?

Thank you. Paul discovered my music when I was playing on ABCs ‘The Set’. A few weeks later he came to one of my shows, I was supporting Middle Kids at the Enmore in Sydney, and after the show, we went for some late-night pizza. I showed him a song that I had just finished working on. That’s when I really thought about it and it all properly came to be.

(note: 'Paul' is Paul Clarke - Australia Head of Delegation)

You described Eurovision as being something new to yourself, have you done any crash courses to understand a little more about the contest or are you keeping things fresh? 

I’m trying to keep things fresh, mostly because I’m a little terrified of the grandeur of the entire event. I’m excited nonetheless. 

You recently performed at a bushfire fundraiser in Melbourne, tell us about setting that up and how it went?

The Pierce Brothers and I had been planning to do a hike together,  it had been difficult to organise as we both tour a lot. We had finally found some time in January though and then when these tragic events started, it seemed only right for us to spend that time doing what we could to help. I grew up in regional Victoria and am fairly familiar with the affected areas.

I’m very happy to say that, through the combined efforts in putting on that night, we raised over $23,000 that we have split evenly between the Bushfire Disaster Appeal, RFS, CFA, WIRES + the Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities. 

You've been a circus performer, and have also travelled extensively as a musician, performing at major festivals to selling out iconic venues like Melbourne’s Corner Hotel and Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory. What does being on the stage mean to you?

It’s the only time that my mind tends to slow down and quieten. I sometimes find I won’t remember a good gig, it usually becomes a blur. It can be an addictive blur. There’s nothing quite like connecting with people together in a room. Not something I will be giving up any time soon.

What can we hope and expect from you on stage at Australia Decides? How will the performance and stage production support your song? 

I wrote this song as a dedication to a dear person in my life. The performance will be close to home. It will be a moment for reflection. This song asks for less over more.

Could you drop us a little hint about your song? 

It’s raw and honest. I hope for those people who it resonates with, that it helps. I connect to this song the most out of almost any song I’ve ever released. 

Your most recent single release, 'Blue Mood Rising' is a self-reflecting song where you are open and honest about the pressures you have felt in your career. What do you do to keep feeling true to yourself?   

My focus is on creating good habits, not on an end goal that those habits may one day lead to. I find it is more rewarding. I would rather look to good methods that justify deserving ends.

We know that you are knitter, and during your tours, you have knitted things for your fans. Will you be knitting during Australia Decides? 

I knit when I’m stressed. Go figure. I’d like to make something for the animals hurt in these fires if I do.

Also, do you have a favourite item to knit?

I love knitting beanies because it only takes about five hours on a plane. It’s super satisfying to have something at the end. Fun fact, you can take knitting needles on a plane.

One of the Aussievision team members Kyriakos, an architect, is a big fan of your @didirrilovesbuildings Instagram profile. Your architectural photos of buildings throughout your travels around the world are exquisite and you capture each building's honesty and individuality. Where did your love of architecture come from?

I’m not sure. My thoughts are that buildings generally sum up a culture pretty well. People took a lot of time, care and effort into designing a functional but beautiful space to work or play in. I love seeing these around the world. From the streets that are too small for trucks to go down, in Barcelona, to the perfectly engineered window frames in Germany. Just the sheer age of buildings in Europe, it’s incredible

'Sad boi' has become a much-used term among Eurovision fans and on your Instagram you describe yourself as 'Sad Boy Didirri *black love heart emoji*'. What makes you a sad boy?


It was a tongue in cheek idea to spice up my Instagram, tipping my hat to all the sad songs that I’d been working on. I often write when I’m at my lowest point. Most of the time, when I’m feeling happy, I don’t feel like writing; I just want to continue whatever I’m doing. The term kind of stuck. 

And finally, if you were sent to the Netherlands but you could only take three items with you, what would you take?

A piano, a poinsettia and a beanie.

Thank you for your time Didirri!

The final of 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' takes place on Saturday 8 February.

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