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Eurovision 2024 odds: Who are the favourites to win?

The rehearsals for Eurovision 2024 are about to get underway this weekend.

Who are the big favourites and which countries are shaping to be the real contenders at Eurovision 2024?

We've taken a look at the odds from various websites in Europe, all gathered together nicely by the team at EurovisionWorld, and also the local odds from Sportsbet.

Do Australia and Electic Fields have much chance? Who are their biggest competition?

With just over a week before the competition gets underway in Malmö, as of Saturday 27 April, these are the acts the bookies have as their current favourites.

Before we go any further, if you are considering betting on Eurovision, think about what gambling is really costing you, gamble responsibly, and take measures like setting a deposit limit.

Aussievision is not affiliated with or have any partnerships with Eurovisionworld or Sportsbet.

Top favourites

1. Switzerland (Nemo - 'The Code')

Eurovisionworld: 24% winning chance Sportsbet: $3.20 to win, $1.63 for top 3, $1.30 for top 5

2. Croatia (Baby Lasagna - 'Rim Tim Dagi Dim')

Eurovisionworld: 17% winning chance Sportsbet: $4.33 to win, $1.75 for top 3, $1.36 for top 5

3. The Netherlands (Joost Klein - 'Europapa')

Eurovisionworld: 14% winning chance Sportsbet: $6 to win, $1.98 for top 3, $1.36 for top 5

4. Italy (Angelina Mango - 'La Noia')

Eurovisionworld: 11% winning chance

Sportsbet: $6 to win, $1.80 for top 3, $1.40 for top 5

5. Ukraine (Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil - 'Teresa & Maria')

Eurovisionworld: 7% winning chance Sportsbet: $11 to win, $2.61 for top 3, $1.36 for top 5

Higher than 1% chance

Eurovisionworld has rated acts sitting sixth to tenth in its odds as the only other ones having more than one per cent chance of winning the competition:

6. France (Slimane - 'Mon Amour')

Eurovisionworld: 4% winning chance Sportsbet: 7th place, $19 to win

7. Israel (Eden Golan - 'Hurricane')

Eurovisionworld: 3% winning chance Sportsbet: 6th place, $18 to win

8. Greece (Marina Satti - 'Zari')

Eurovisionworld: 2% winning chance Sportsbet: 9th place, $36 to win

9. Ireland (Bambie Thug - 'Doomsday Blue')

Eurovisionworld: 2% winning chance Sportsbet: 8th place, $31 to win

10. Belgium (Mustii - 'Before The Party's Over'

Eurovisionworld: 2% winning chance Sportsbet: $56 to win

While Eurovisionworld and Sportsbet are aligned on which countries they have in the top 10, their rankings differ slightly.

Sportsbet likes Israel and Ireland's chances a little better, putting them at 6th and 8th respectively.

What about Australia?

Australia is currently sitting 27th on the EurovisionWorld odds. Electric Fields have been given less than 1 per cent chance of winning along with 18 other countries, ranging from Slovenia's Raven in 19th place and Malta's Sarah Bonicci, who's bringing up the rear in 37th place.

Sportsbet has Australia at 16th place in the odds and $151 to win with 'One Milkali (One Love)' - a decent improvement given they were ranked second-last at $176 to win about a month ago. It is worth noting that Sportsbet also has six other countries from 17th to 23rd also at odds of $151 to win - Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Iceland, Spain and Sweden.

It's important to note these are the odds to win, not to place top 10 or to qualify. Odds are also made for bookmakers to attract bets and make money.

However, things are starting to look up for Australia to reach the grand final. Sportsbet has Australia ranked 10th at odds of $1.45 to qualify from semi-final 1, while Eurovisionworld also has Australia in the 10th and final position - at a 62 per cent chance of qualifying.

Once again, these are just the current odds, and a lot can and probably will change between now and mid-May, and on the night of each final when Europe, Australia and the Rest of the World vote for their favourites.

But for now, Nemo and Switzerland are the ones to beat for the Eurovision 2024 title - could we be heading to Bern in 2025?

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Who do you think will win?

  • Croatia

  • Ukraine

  • Italy

  • Switzerland


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