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Eurovision 2024: Australia's rehearsal schedule

Electric Fields is now on the ground in Sweden but what is next for them in their preparations?

Well, from this weekend it is all about rehearsals.

Each act gets two rehearsals over the next week before full dress rehearsals ahead of the live shows.

What is the rehearsal process?

1st rehearsals (30 minutes)

First rehearsals last for 30 minutes and are the first chance for the act to feel the stage and for the creative team to see what the performance looks like with the artists.

After the first rehearsal, each delegation goes to the Viewing Room to see the recording. Here any changes in visuals, camera work and any choreography will be discussed.

2nd rehearsals (20 minutes)

The second rehearsal later in the week, gives each team a chance to review how any changes they have made have worked. After the rehearsal, each delegation goes to the viewing room again to see the result. Small adjustments can be made.

Dress rehearsal

On the day of their jury performance, the acts will run through the full show as a full dress rehearsal without a crowd.

This is the last chance to check things out before the shows begin.

Australia's schedule

1st rehearsal

Sunday 28 April

2:50pm to 3:20 pm (CEST) which is 10:50pm to 11:20pm (AEST).

2nd rehearsal

Wednesday 1 May

4:55pm to 5:15pm (CEST) which is 12:55am to 1:15am (AEST) on Thursday 2 May.

Dress rehearsal

Monday 6 May

3:00pm to 5:30pm (CEST) which is 11:00pm to 1:30am (AEST)

Can I watch the rehearsals?

Unfortunately not. No one will see the rehearsals live until the press has access during the main dress rehearsal.

Eurovision will share photos of the 1st rehearsals and some footage of the 2nd rehearsals.

Aussievision will be on the ground in Sweden covering the Contest so follow our socials to keep up to date.

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