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Eurovision 2024: The Aussie artist Nemo is obsessed with

Swiss artist Nemo is one of the favourites to win Eurovision 2024.

In a recent interview with us, Nemo spoke about the pressure of being favourite and how they, as a non-binary artist, hope to inspire others.

However, as an Aussie site we also wanted to know any connections they had to Australia.

We found out that Nemo loves one of our artists.

It's not Kylie, Troye, Sia or even a Eurovision artist, but someone with less profile but clearly not less talent.

"I am the biggest fan of one Australian musician. His name is Nikodimos and he's insanely talented," Nemo told us.

"I think he plays like every instrument there is in this world. I've worked with him before in Berlin and also in France and damn, he's so talented.

"Everyone go listen to Nikodemis, like for real, like everything. Everything he does in music is amazing and amazes me."


It's pretty hard to describe Nikodimos and his music. The Melbourne/Naarm artist describes himself on Instagram as a 'Greekcore Artist/Producer'.

In a Junkee article they offered this description:

"The outrageously talented multi-instrumentalist releases intricate, genre-bending music at breakneck speed, while regularly collaborating with other artists to create sonic smorgasbords. If you ever need a soundtrack for a journey through the unknown, Nikodimos makes music that’ll set the mood."

Last year he released his album 'What Colour is the End?'

FBi Radio described the album as a journey "from depression to love and healing against a backdrop of experimental jazz, hip-hop and psychedelic instrumentation."

Nikodimos told them about the inspiration behind the title.

“The sunset is the favourite part of my day. ‘What Colour Is The End?’ is like the end of the day, it turns into sunset, the end of my really long battle with depression and anxiety has come in the form and reward of my partner,” he said.

Nikodimos has quite the sense of humour, when Junkee asked him about his ideal morning routine versus his actual morning routine this was his answer:

"Ideal morning routine: rise at 5:45am, 1000 push ups, check my stocks, I’m up $100k, 1000 more push ups, cold shower while bench pressing 350kgs for 4 reps, bring Greece out of financial crisis — light work, discover a new colour whilst bending a spoon with my mind, cook a seven course breakfast for myself and my baby, gather 30000 wolves and take over complete control of Naarm’s CBD crushing all those who even dare challenge my new world order — YOU SHALL ALL FEAR ME AND MY WOLVES — this all occurs before 6am."

"Actual morning routine: Scroll on iPhone and make my brain feel warm, apologise to my gf for farting, go make music."

You can check out Nikodimos via his Instagram page below.

Nemo, meanwhile, will perform in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2024 with 'The Code.'

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