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Top Australian Eurovision Songs on Spotify

2024 marks Australia's tenth year competing at the Eurovision Song Contest which means we now have ten songs that have had the honour of representing us in the competition!

In the lead up to Eurovision 2024, we've already looked at how well this year's crop of 37 songs are doing on the Spotify charts.

So now let's take a look at how our ten Australian entries from 2015-2024 are faring on Spotify with a countdown from 10 to 1 (streaming figures as of 3 May 2024).

10. Electric Fields (2024) - 'One Milkali (One Blood)' - 1,119,843 streams

Australia's 2024 entry 'One Milkali (One Blood) has already reached over 1 million streams on Spotify since its release two months ago. No doubt this figure will rise rapidly after the contest wraps up next week. Electric Fields' most streamed single is their 2016 release 'Don't You Worry' (3,105,172). 'Would I Lie', their collaboration with KEiiNO (Norway's 2019 Eurovision entrants) and '2000 and Whatever', the duo's 2019 'Australia Decides' entry also both have over one million streams.

9. Montaigne (2020) - 'Don't Break Me' - 4,554,165 streams

'Dont' Break Me', Australia's entry in the cancelled contest of 2020, has still managed over 4.5 million streams, despite not gaining the exposure it might otherwise have had if the contest had gone ahead. Montaigne won the second 'Australia Decides' national final with the song, beating out some big names in the Australian music industry such as Vanessa Amorosi and Casey Donovan.

8. Montaigne (2021) - 'Technicolour' - 7,075,484 streams

Montaigne got their Eurovision chance in 2021 but was forced to compete remotely due to COVID travel restrictions. Unfortunately 'Technicolour' became the first Australian entry not to qualify for the Grand Final, however it has still had over 7 million Spotify streams. 2016's 'Because I Love You' is their most popular release (21,859,707 streams) however '1955' their 2016 collab with Hilltop Hoods & Tom Thum has over 130 million streams.

7. Sheldon Riley (2022) - 'Not The Same' - 8,744,610 streams

'Not The Same' won the last instalment of 'Australia Decides' in 2022 and finished in 15th place at the Eurovision Song Contest that year. It is Sheldon Riley's most streamed single release although his 2020 single 'More Than I' and several of his live recordings from 'The Voice Australia' in 2018 and 2019 have also achieved over one million streams.

6. Kate Miller-Heidke (2019) - 'Zero Gravity' - 10,111,167 streams

Kate Miller-Heidke's 'Zero Gravity' was the first ever winner of 'Australia Decides', Australia's national final. It finished 9th at the contest and has amassed over 10 million Spotify streams. Whilst you may think this figure is low for an entry that is five years old, it's important to remember that 'Zero Gravity' was all about the staging. Kate's epic performance singing whilst atop a swinging pole has seen her Grand Final video have over 6 million views on YouTube. With over 13 million streams, 'The Last Day on Earth' is Kate's most popular song on Spotify, helped by its extensive use in the promotion of legendary Australian television soapie 'Neighbours' in 2009.

5. Voyager (2023) - 'Promise' - 11,665,782 streams

As our 2023 entrant in the contest, Voyager's 'Promise' is already the fifth most streamed of the Australian entries, a massive achievement in just over 12 months. Reaching Number 1 on the Australian Independent Chart (AIR), 'Promise' is by far the group's most successful single and so far the only one to have reached more than one million streams.

4. Isaiah Firebrace (2017) - 'Don't Come Easy' - 15,732,328 streams

Isaiah Firebrace is Australia's youngest Eurovision artist, being only 17 at the time he competed in 2017. He managed Australia's third consecutive Top 10 finish with 'Don't Come Easy' finishing in 9th place. The single only peaked at Number 69 on the Australian ARIA chart but has now reached over 15 million streams on Spotify. As winner of 'The X Factor Australia' in 2016, Isaiah's winners' single 'It's Gotta Be You' remains his most popular with 311,716,386 streams.

3. Jessica Mauboy (2018) - 'We Got Love' - 17,282,966 streams

Despite a 20th place finish in the contest, Jessica Mauboy's 'We Got Love' reached Number 31 on the Australian ARIA chart and is the third most streamed of the Australian entries. Jessica rose to fame as runner-up on the fourth season of 'Australian Idol' in 2006 and has released multiple albums over her career. She has five singles that have reached over 10 million streams on Spotify. Her double platinum 2019 single 'Little Things' has the highest number of streams at 39,804,979.

2. Guy Sebastian (2015) - 'Tonight Again' - 18,881,240 streams

Australia's inaugural Eurovision competitor Guy Sebastian was a household name when selected to represent us for the first time in 2015. 'Tonight Again' finished 5th in the contest and peaked at Number 12 in the Australian ARIA chart, reaching gold status both here and in Sweden. As the country's original 'Australian Idol', Guy has multiple singles that have out-streamed his Eurovision offering. His most popular song on the streaming platform is 'Battle Scars', his 2012 collaboration with Lupe Fiasco which has had a whopping 372,654,616 streams!

1. Dami Im (2016) - 'Sound of Silence' - 22,732,626 streams

It's no surprise that Australia's most successful song at Eurovision is also our most streamed on Spotify. Finishing runner-up at the 2016 contest and winning the Marcel Bezençon Award in the composer category, 'Sound of Silence' is also the most successful of the ten Australian Eurovision songs on the Australian ARIA chart. The single peaked at Number 5 and reached platinum status in Australia and Gold certification in Sweden. 'Sound of Silence' remains Dami's most streamed single release to date.

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