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Australia Decides 2022: Andrew Lambrou releases his entry 'Electrify'

Today, the Sydney-based artist, Andrew Lambrou has released his 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 entry 'Electrify'.

Andrew was announced in the second set of artists revealed for ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides 2022’ back in November 2021.

'Electrify' is written by Andrew along with the three de la Hoyde brothers who have worked with Andrew on his previous single releases 'Throne' and 'Confidence'.

In an interview with Aussievision Andrew shared what the song writing process was like:

"So working with those three brothers, it's like a dream with music and writing songs, you know, you're bringing it up form to life. So we have a real connection on a personal level, too. We're all great friends, we all connected, we are very similar type families, you know, and it's something that we all just kind of bonded very quickly. And then when it came to writing 'Electrify', I wanted to put together something that's within that "Euro-world", but mixed with "Andrew-world", you know, Greek Cypriot heritage, and, listening to music from Europe is something [that has] been a real part of my whole life."

The song features English and Spanish lyrics. Andrew explained why he added Spanish lyrics to his Australia Decides entry:

"I love singing in different languages. This all ties down to Eurovision at the beginning. Hearing so many different songs from different countries and hearing, the sounds that come from a certain part of the world is something that amazes me."

"I felt like with 'Electrify' Spanish was just perfect. And it just worked. And, you know, it's such an amazing, beautiful language as well. It's so universal, you hear so many songs nowadays that just blow up and go completely global with Spanish, lyrics and Spanish influence and I was really influenced by that too. So I felt that it was perfect to put it in the song."

Andrew joins the line up of 11 acts for the final of 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' on February 26 on the Gold Coast.

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‘Electrify’ is available now on iTunes and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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