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Australia Decides 2022: Interview with Andrew Lambrou

Today we speak to a social media sensation, who has a huge online following! He started off with releasing covers on YouTube eight years ago before officially being signed to a record company and releasing original music in 2021. He is a dedicated and hard working artist with great soulful vocals, who is set to deliver a euro pop entry on the Australia Decides stage. It’s one of Australia’s up-and-coming artists Andrew Lambrou!

Yiasou, Andrea, how are you?

I'm very good. Thank you for having me today.

Thank you for joining us. Congratulations on being selected for Australia Decides 2022, how has the reception been since the announcement?

It's been amazing. Honestly, the support so far has just been overwhelming. Eurovision is something that it's been a part of my life since I was five years old. I would sit around the TV with my Yiayia and Pappou sitting next to me and my family. And we used to just watch Eurovision and I used to look at this amazing stage productions from every country and just take in all different types of sounds that you hear from different countries. It's just something that's really been a massive part of my musical journey. So to be here, right now, in this position where I'm preparing to potentially represent my country... it leaves me speechless, honestly.

We would love to know about your Australia Decides entry. You have revealed that your song is called ‘Electrify’ and you wrote it with the ‘de la Hoyde brothers’ which you have worked with on your other releases 'Throne' and 'Confidence'. What was the songwriting process like, and what is it like working with the brothers?

So working with those three brothers, it's like a dream with music and writing songs, you know, you're bringing it up form to life. So we have a real connection on a personal level, too. We're all great friends, we all connected, we are very similar type families, you know, and it's something that we all just kind of bonded very quickly. And then when it came to writing 'Electrify', I wanted to put together something that within that "Euro-world", but mixed with "Andrew-world", you know, Greek Cypriot heritage, and, listening to music from Europe is something [thats] been a real part of my whole life. It's in my blood, as you can imagine, Kyriako.

When I got in that studio, we just started throwing out ideas. And it was one of those sessions where it almost felt like a wrote itself. You know, it just flowed so naturally and so well. And at the end of the day, we all looked at each other, and we were just like, "Well, I think we're really onto something here". And yeah, I mean, that's honestly the case, most of the time with those boys in the studio. It's just so fantastic. We just have such a fun time. And, you know, I never look at my songwriting processes as work, although I'm working and being a musician, it's just, it's something that I'm enjoying. It's so much fun. So when you have those sessions that make you feel like, you know, you've just hung out with your mates the whole day, they're just the best one. So it was such a fantastic songwriting process. Those brothers are so talented, we have so much in common, and I couldn't have asked for a better session, and I'm so happy with where the songs at now.


Well, listening to your snippet, it's amazing, I have to admit, the start, gives me a little bit of 'Fuego' vibes, and then it morphs into the Europop banger it is. Then on Tik Tok last week, you also revealed that you're singing a verse in Spanish, which is insane, and would be a first for Australia Decides. So can you tell us about the meaning behind your song?

Yep, so 'Electrify' is about, meeting someone that literally makes you feel electric and makes you feel like this, new wave of emotion is flowing through your body, and that you feel almost like a superhero. You feel invincible, it's just like that magical spark. It could be with anyone, but you know, I really wanted to bring that to life. And I think the word electrify just stuck out to me and we knew that that had to be the title of the song. And as I mentioned before, I needed it to be in that "Euro-world" mix through the "Andrew-world". And what we came up with is something that I'm really really proud of right now and I'm so excited for you to hear the song when it when it finally comes out. But yeah, it's just about meeting someone that makes you feel like you've never felt before makes it bring you out of your shell makes you just feel superhuman. That's what the song is about.

And can you tell us about the addition of the Spanish lyrics?

I love singing in different languages. This all ties down to Eurovision at the beginning. Hearing so many different songs from different countries and hearing, the sounds that come from a certain part of the world is something that amazes me. Ever since I was young, I've had a fascination with singing in different languages learning songs in Greek, Arabic, Serbian, you know. In 2007 when Marija Šerifović won with 'Molitva', first thing I did was sit on the piano and I worked out how to sing 'Molitva' in Serbian. That song just grabbed me so much, and it moved me and I knew it was the winner when I heard it. And, you know, that's what Eurovision can do. So I wanted to sing in another language, I wanted to embrace other culture, and also be myself at the same time. I felt like with 'Electrify' Spanish was just perfect. And it just worked. And, you know, it's such an amazing, beautiful language as well. It's so universal, you hear so many songs nowadays that just blow up and go completely global with Spanish, lyrics and Spanish influence and I was really influenced by that too. So I felt that it was perfect to put it in the song. So yeah, that's how it all began.

Now with 'Electrify', what can we expect for your staging at Australia Decides? Can we expect some choreography? What can you tell us?

Yes, you will be getting some choreography. Not to be cliche, but I would like to think it's electrifying. So something that's high energetic, emotional, you know, I've always been someone that tries to convey as much emotion as I can, when I perform from singing ballad when I was young, to here we are now. So something that, you know, you can feel inside you, but also makes you want to dance. And I just want to bring entertainment to everyone. I want to put a smile on as many people's faces as I can. Because in music, there's no better feeling then creating something that is you and that you're proud of and for people to enjoy it and love it and want to listen to it over and over again. And on a stage such as Eurovision Australia Decides I just feel it's really meant to be at the moment. So I just hope everyone loves it as much as my family does right now.

Andrew shared a selfie with director Jervis Livelo on is InstaStory on Feb 7 for Australia Decides

What are your favourite Eurovision entries? I'm sure you have a few?

It's a very, very, very, very tough question. There are so many standouts for me as I've mentioned, Helena Paparizou was amazing. Marija Šerifović when she won with 'Molitva', fantastic. All right, I remember Finland Lordi. Like, I remember when they won. I was just so young at the time. And I was like, wow, look at this. You just never know what can happen on the European stage. You know, Alexander Rybak with 'Fairytale', something that I listened to all the time. Italy last year, we can't forget Italy last year. Absolutely amazing. And what they've done outside of Eurovision now is something that it's so inspiring. I feel like although Eurovision has always been the biggest Song Contest in the world. It's just gone to a new level now with the spread of social media and what could happen with these artists and bands. You know, the Netherlands in 2019 'Arcade', fantastic song, I hear it all the time. You know, there's so many more I could mention. Verka Serduchka. I remember, like that song is something that it's always stuck in my head, you know? And, yeah, I could honestly go on forever. There's so many that I could name I'm such a massive Eurovision fan. But yeah, I mean, let's hope well, that 'Electrify' could be in the mix, you know?

Lastly, you win Australia Decides and you get the opportunity to go to Turin for Eurovision 2022, but can only take three items with you, what would Andrew Lambrou take?

Okay, so three items that I would bring with me to Turin, it's not really an item, but my family. I'm so close with my family, I love every single member of my family and nothing would have been possible without them with my own musical journey. My parents putting me into music school when I was five, noticing that I had a passion for music, and allowing me to pursue it. So I yeah, I love my family so much. So my family would be number one. Number two, once again, not really a thing but the support of my nation. If I were to go to represent Australia, the support of the nation behind me is the most motivation I could ever have in the whole world. So definitely the support of my nation. And number three is a healthy set of vocal cords. nice and healthy. You know I've had my my tea with honey and I'm ready to go.

Very wise answers. Well, we cannot wait for your song release and to see you have planned for Australia Decides 2022 on the Gold Coast. All the best Andrew and thank you very much for speaking to us at Aussievision today.

Thank you so much Kyriako, I really appreciate it, had so much fun. See ya.

You can check out the full interview on YouTube really soon, on the Aussievision channel.

You can catch Andrew Lambrou performing at ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2022’ on the Gold Coast on February 25 and 26 with other amazing Australian artists all vying for the coveted spot to represent Australia at Eurovision 2022 in Turn, Italy. Tickets are available here, also you can watch the Australian Eurovision national final on SBS on February 26.


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