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All the Australian songs that have made the National Final Countdown

The national final season for Eurovision 2024 is almost upon us! From December to March, many countries across Europe will hold national selections to choose their act to perform in Malmö.

Before this begins, the countdown is on for Eurofans from all over the world to vote in the National Final Countdown. Fans can choose their 10 favourite songs from past national finals who didn't make it to the Eurovision Song Contest.

The top 100 songs, as voted by fans, will then be revealed in a special broadcast and countdown on ESCape Radio on Saturday 4 November. This will be the seventh edition of the National Final Countdown.

We've taken a look back on the 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' songs that have made it to the National Final Countdown 100.

Electric Fields - '2000 and Whatever'

Highest position: 1st

Fan-favourite Electric Fields and their banger '2000 and Whatever' has featured in the National Final top 100 every year since it competed in the inaugural Australia Decides in 2019. The song has done so well in four of the top 100s that it won the title two years in a row. It then on to finish runner-up in 2021 and 2022.

Ella Hooper - 'Data Dust'

Highest position: 94th

Ella Hooper competed in the first edition of Australia Decides with her energetic song 'Data Dust'. The song appeared in the 3rd and 4th editions of the Countdown where the song finished 97th and 94th place respectively.

Sheppard - 'On My Way'

Highest position: 36th

Trio Sheppard delivered the anthem 'On My Way' at the first Australia Decides. Their song has appeared in all four editions of the Countdown since it came out. It finished 61st, 36th, 50th and then most recently, 65th place. Will it appear for a fifth time in a row?

Courtney Act - 'Fight for Love'

Highest position: 91st

Also appearing in the first 'Australia Decides', much-loved drag performer Courtney Act gave Eurovision a shot with 'Fight for Love'. This song appeared in the 3rd and 4th editions of the countdown, coming in at 91st and 99th place. Can she fight her way back into the countdown?

Leea Nanos - 'Set Me Free'

Highest position: 76th

In 2019, Leea Nanos penned and performed 'Set Me Free' and this song came in at 76th place in the 3rd edition of the National Final Countdown. This is not the only song of Leea's that competed in Australia Decides as she wrote G-Nat!on's 'Bite Me' from 2022.

Jaguar Jonze - 'Rabbit Hole'

Highest position: 10th

In 2020, Jaguar Jonze gave us a visual feast at her first Australia Decides. The song 'Rabbit Hole' has appeared in all National Final Countdowns since and has done very well with 10th place (2020), 22nd place (2021) and 19th place (2022).

Vanessa Amorosi - 'Lessons of Love'

Highest position: 66th

At the 2020 Australia Decides, Vanessa Amorosi certainly made an impact on stage when she emerged from an upturned car. 'Lessons of Love' has appeared in the National Final Countdown on two occasions: in 66th place in 2020 and in 98th place in 2021. In 2022, the song finished just outside the Top 100 in 102nd place.

Didirri - 'Raw Stuff'

Highest position: 25th

Didirri's gorgeous ballad 'Raw Stuff' from the 2020 Australia Decides has featured in the top 100 of the Countdown on two occasions. In 2020, 'Raw Stuff' came in at 25th place, and in 2021, the song was in 32nd place. The song missed the top 100 in 2022, finishing 180th.

Casey Donovan - 'Proud'

Highest position: 64th

Casey brought us her signature powerhouse vocal with 'Proud' at the 2020 Australia Decides where she slayed and brought home the televote win. in the 2021 National Final Countdown, 'Proud' came in at 64th place. In the 2022 Countdown, the song missed the top 100 but did finish in 238th place.

Jaguar Jonze - 'Little Fires'

Highest position: 10th

This is Jaguar Jonze's second song in the National Final Countdown. In 2022 she was back for a second bite of the cherry with 'Little Fires' which won the jury vote at Australia Decides. 'Little Fires' came in at an impressive 10th place in the 2022 edition of the Countdown.

Voyager - 'Dreamer'

Highest position: 14th

It's no surprise that Voyager's 'Dreamer' finished very high in its first National Final Countdown. 'Dreamer' was a fan favourite at the 2022 Australia Decides winning the televote, and in the 2022 Countdown the song finished in 14th place.

Charley - 'I Suck At Being Lonely'

Highest position: 41st

Charley's heartfelt ballad 'I Suck At Being Lonely' appeared in the 2022 Australia Decides. The song made the top 100 of that year, with Charley finishing in 41st place.

Other songs from Australia Decides to just miss the National Countdown Final top 100 qwewre:

117th - Jordan-Ravi - 'Pushing Stars'

126th - Diana Rouvas - 'Can We Make Heaven'

159th - Paulini - 'We Are One'

Please note some years results beyond 100 were not recorded

You can see the Top 100 results from previous editions here:

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