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Aussievision's Eurovision 2024 Grand Final predictions

After seeing all the semi-finals plus the big 5 performances, the Aussievision team has made predictions on their Top 3 for the Eurovision 2024 Grand Final and a further prediction on the results.

At the point of publishing this article, The Netherlands is still in the Eurovision Song Contest so will be included. Details on this.

We've gone to the team in a random order:


Top 3 prediction: 

1st - Croatia: Baby Lasagna - ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dam'

2nd - Israel: Eden Golan – ‘Hurricane'

3rd - Netherlands: Joost - ‘Europapa’

This is the most unpredictable year to even try and guess who is taking out the competition. So many factors are at play internally and externally to will decide the winner. When landing on my predictions for the final result, the running order really came into play. Croatia has been given an incredible spot and will benefit from that immensely. Whilst ‘Europapa’ is my clear favourite of the year, Joost’s running order may hinder his televote score enough to miss out on taking it from Croatia.

With France being my pick for a runaway jury winner but faltering in public points, in the end it will come down to that televote. I predict the Jury will give ‘Hurricane' a substantial amount of points and that entry will have a market of voters who will be passionately picking up the phone for it, which is my thought process behind predicting Eden finishing in the top three.

Further predictions:

Sweden will be top five in the Jury vote, the juries historically support Sweden and this type of entry. The boys may not far as well in the public vote but a left hand side of the scoreboard finish is definitely coming to fruition. And once again I’m seeing a battle of the Big-five for last place this year, will it be Germany or Spain? I’m not sure but they’re looking both heading towards the wooden spoon .


Top 3 prediction

1st - Croatia: Baby Lasagna - ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dam'

2nd - Israel: Eden Golan – ‘Hurricane'

3rd - France: Slimane - 'Mon amour'

As I have been saying since Baby Lasagna was selected, this song is the one to beat. Dora proves that he appeals to both jury and the televote, with the latter massively. Baby Lasagna’s odds have been shortening throughout the week and he received one of the biggest receptions in the live shows. A strong running order surrounded by weaker songs Slovenia and Georgia is the icing on the cake for Croatia’s fortunes.


My second place prediction can be expected to perform strongly in the televote, based off the leaked Italian tele-vote results from the second semi final. France I think will score massively in the jury vote due to a sensational vocal performance particularly in the acapella section. Going in the penultimate position is also a good omen.


Further predictions:

  • Ireland to be in the top ten with an impressive tele-vote score

  • Sweden possibly receiving their worst result since 2010 when they didn’t qualify

  • Portugal or Luxembourg finishing last overall

  • Armenia being the surprise package, possibly entering the top ten


Top 3 prediction:

1st – Israel: Eden Golan – ‘Hurricane'

2nd – Croatia: Baby Lasagna - ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dam'

3rd – Ukraine: alyona alyona and Jerry Heil - 'Teresa & Maria'

I predict Israel will win.

Croatia has built further momentum since landing at the contest. They’ve snagged a plum running order that really popped in the full run-through today. Just like ‘Cha Cha Cha’ last year, I see a decent jury score with a substantial televote – leading the path to, unfortunately, second place. A fabulous result for sure but perhaps not what the odds favourite would have wanted.  

Ukraine might be second in the running order but if anyone can overcome that difficult spot - it’s Ukraine with a quality entry like ‘Teresa & Maria’. There is a lot of goodwill for the nation in addition to the song being one of the strongest entries of the year. They might struggle a little with the juries but should capture enough to land at the pointy end of the scoreboard come Saturday night.

Further prediction:

I believe that the winner of the juries will be France – his entry screams jury appreciation as long as he can keep the vocals under control for the big climax at the end, I can't see the televoters coming for it - landing him outside the Top 3. 

Unfortunately, I see Spain rounding up the bottom of the results. ‘Zorra’ I can’t see being an entry for casual viewers on the night and has essentially zero jury appeal. 

Finally, for the first time in 7-years, I believe Italy will be out of the Top 10. 


Top 3 prediction

1st – Israel: Eden Golan – ‘Hurricane'

2nd – Croatia: Baby Lasagna - ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dam'

3rd – Ukraine: alyona alyona and Jerry Heil - 'Teresa & Maria'

This is a competition. A competition won by votes. Israel will have enough of those to see it win.

With arguably the most engaging and pleasing package of the entire competition. I'll be saddened to see Croatia end up the victim of circumstance. It's bombastic, likable, memorable and has everything a Eurovision-winning song needs. Without peripheral elements involved, this should be the winner by a mile.

With so much going on, Ukraine still manages to remain in my calculations. They almost have a guaranteed number of votes from Jury and Televote. It's then up to others to catch them. This is not to diminish the Ukrainian entry in any way. It's a unique, musically diverse and emotive piece of music that showcases what makes their style of entry so compelling.

Further prediction:

In all the craziness of this year's Contest. I think it's easy to overlook an entry that really IS ticking all the boxes. For me, that is Sweden. It's not reinventing the Eurovision wheel and it doesn't need to. It's great Scandi-pop with an incredible visual stage show. Plus, the boys perform this flawlessly EVERY time. While others fall away, I can see the Swede's sweeping in for another solid Top 5 result.


Top 3 prediction: 

1st – Croatia: Baby Lasagna – ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’

2nd – Switzerland: Nemo – ‘The Code’

3rd – Ukraine: alyona alyona & Jerry Heil – ‘Teresa & Maria’


I have been on team Switzerland for a while now but think Croatia is going to take the Eurovision win this year.  Baby Lasagna has an incredibly good stage package that uses the lighting, LED’s and camera angles to full affect.  It was such a powerful moment in the first semi-final to see the crowd in the arena doing all the moves in the dance break.  I think ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’ is going to storm the televote, particularly after seeing the running order, which has given it a very favourable slot (23rd) in the running order over arguably its nearest televote rival, the Netherlands.


Switzerland is the best all-round song this year in my opinion, but it was always going to be difficult to stage such a complex piece.  I think they’ve done a pretty good job of it and was blown away by how well Nemo manages to balance on their spinning top prop and incorporate it into the performance.  ‘The Code’ also has a very favourable position in the running order (21st) so if anyone is going to knock off Baby Lasagna, I would love it to be Nemo.


I’m hoping Ukraine can make third place despite being put in the death slot Number 2 position.  Everything about this package screams quality and it was actually my favourite of all the studio versions before rehearsals started.  It’s not going to be easy but ‘Teresa & Maria’ is a song that should poll well with the public and jury and it deserves to place near the top.


Further prediction:

Ireland to finish top 5 for their best result since 1997.  Love it or hate it, ‘Doomsday Blue’ has well and truly surpassed everyone’s expectations with its epic staging.  I’m so pleased to see Ireland rewarded for taking such a huge risk at their national final to select Bambie Thug.  It would be great to see that pay off with a Top 5 result.


Top 3 prediction:

1. Croatia: Baby Lasagna – ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’

2. Israel: Eden Golan - 'Hurricane'

3. Ukraine: alyona alyona and Jerry Heil - 'Teresa & Maria'

Croatia has just that sepcial something that makes a Eurovision winner. A great song, a great performance and a great performer. Baby Lasagna may be quiet off-stage but his on stage charisma shines through. The crown invovlement adds another dimension that make it hard for the juries to tank too hard. Perhaps I'm using blind optimism as I hate to think what will happen to the Contest if my second pick wins.

Second pick is Israel. The public vote will be overwhelming and could be enough to win.

Ukraine has potential love on both sides of jury and public vote and will sneak third ahead of Switzerland and potentially France.

Further prediction:

Greece will finish right hand side if not outside the top 20, Armenia in the Top 10 with a great public vote and Spain will either be last or close to it.


Top 3 prediction:

1. Croatia: Baby Lasagna – ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’

2. France: Slimane - 'Mon amour'

3. Netherlands: Joost - ‘Europapa’

I actually think the juries are going to be kinder to Croatia than we think. A high televote and decent jury vote I think will bring home the win for Croatia.

France screams jury jury jury and I think "that moment" will get France some televote love too.

Netherlands will be the televote winner. Enough said.

Further predictions:

Jury surprise - Latvia 

Televote surprise - Armenia

Last - Serbia

Surprise top ten - Norway


Top 3 prediction:

1. France: Slimane - 'Mon amour'

2. Croatia: Baby Lasagna – ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’

3. Switzerland: Nemo – ‘The Code’

I think France has been a silent but deadly package this year. A genuinely fantastic performer doing a song with a national identity and some impressive vocal chops was always going to appeal to the juries, but I think the staging has given this a softer, more fragile edge which works for a televoter as well. The song has been out so long, and lacks the showiness of some of the other contenders, but there's something here which I can see recreating the Barbara Pravi moment from a few years back.

Further prediction:

My other prediction is that Spain will come last. I think Germany had widely been predicted for this, but the live performance is vocally strong and I think there's enough there to collect some solid jury points. Spain, however, I feel could end up in the mid-range of death - nobody's least favourite, but nobody's favourite either. If it does come last, though, Nebulossa will instantly be the most iconic last place getter ever - I can't wait to see the inevitable lip-sync to this song on Drag Race Espana!


Top 3 prediction:

1st – Croatia: Baby Lasagna – ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’

2nd - France: Slimane - 'Mon amour'

3rd – Switzerland: Nemo – ‘The Code’


I think it’s time to sell your cow because we’re ready to leave...for Zagreb in 2025! Baby Lasagna has done what he needed to do from his performance at Dora. What we have is a much polished performance that ticks all the boxes: catchy song, memorable tune, great visuals, charismatic singer and a little dance routine for good measure. It will do reasonably well with the juries but it is the televoters that will definitely meow back.


I can see France pull a Gjon’s Tears. This has jury winner written all over it. 25th in the running order is fantastic for Slimane. That a cappella moment is simply amazing and will certainly get everyone to take notice. The staging is beautiful but I just don’t think he will get enough televotes to win.


Nemo is brilliant. There is no doubt about it. They will do well in both juries and televote but I just don’t see them winning either- maybe top 5 in both. The best all round package of the rest.


Further prediction:

Ireland and Portugal to finish in the top 10. Norway too, if you’re feeling brave.


Top 3 prediction:

1st: Croatia: Baby Lasagna - 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim'

2nd: Switzerland: Nemo - 'The Code'

3rd: France: Slimane - 'Mon Amour'

An incredible year of Eurovision deserves an incredible winner.

Provided the Netherlands don't take too many points off him, and the 'Kaarija's Revenge' vote plays a part, Baby Lasagna will win the public vote in a canter. 

Throw in (hopefully) a bit of love from the juries, and he will complete the biggest fairytale Eurovision has seen in almost 20 years. A killer song, an incredibly likeable bloke - it just HAS to be him. Start booking your accom for Zagreb 2025.

Further prediction:

Estonia are the Moldova of 2022 and the Let 3 of 2023. Don't underestimate how well easy dance routines resonate with viewers. Watch them rack up quite a few public votes and finish on the left hand side of the scoreboard, maybe even top 10.

Also, Aussie Sillia will confirm her 'star is born' status and get a top 20 finish for Cyprus.

John Christian

Top 3 prediction:

1st - Switzerland: Nemo – ‘The Code’

2nd - Italy: Angelina Mango - 'La noia'

3rd - Israel: Eden Golan - 'Hurricane'

Switzerland had enjoyed the luxury of being the odds-on favorite until the rehearsals, and I think alongside Italy, it will be very hard for Croatia to beat the two current favorites. Also, I think Israel would finish likely in the top 3 than Netherlands. The reason I chose those two is because both of them topped the odds for a few occasions and I think Switzerland has a higher chance of winning.

Further prediction:

Cyprus, Austria, and Luxembourg would finish on the left side of the scoreboard while Norway and Ireland would end up on the right side of the scoreboard. In terms of the Big 5, it's a toss-up between Spain and Germany for last place.

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