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Aussievision's Australia Decides 2022 public poll - the results

After all 11 songs were released for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides', we polled fans on their favourites for the contest.

Rather than a usual Eurovision points system of 12, 10, 8 to 1, we wanted to more closely represent a potential televote.

Those taking part had three votes and could use them all on one song or distribute them out to two or three songs.

The last two polls winners, Kate Miller-Heidke and Montaigne, went on to win 'Australia Decides' and in the first year we were just 0.1% off the actual vote for 'Zero Gravity'.

In total we received 504 votes for all over the world with 391 from Australia, resulting in to well over 1,000 individual votes.

Here are the results from the Aussie voters in the poll (you can see the international fan results here) in reverse order, with comments provided by our Patreon supporters.

11. Seann Miley Moore - 'My Body' (4.4%)

"The lyrics are full of important and emotionally resonant ideas (and performed beautifully).... It certainly sounds lovely the whole way through." ~Dylan, Sydney

10. Erica Padilla - 'To The Bottom' (4.5%)

"I wasn’t the biggest fan of doing a TikTok wildcard for the final, however, they have chosen the right artist to compete because I think Erica has got a fantastic voice and you can definitely tell that she’s written this song because it just feels effortless and her voice just works with the song - I think she’s going to bring her energy to this live performance and this could surprise quite a few people." ~ David, Wales

9. Isaiah Firebrace and Evie Irie - 'When I'm With You' (4.6%)

"I absolutely love it, but this is a song that grows on you." ~ Dan, London

"Very nice “commercial” song that I wouldn’t skip if it came on the radio." ~ Wayne, Brisbane

8. Jude York - 'I Won't Need to Dream' (5.7%)

"The most underrated entry by far. The songcraft here is immaculate, combining exemplary pacing with just enough nostalgic dreamscape soundworld to complement the lyrics. I fear this will be buried in the running order and won't contend, but there may well be a vote coming from this household at least." ~ Chris, Sydney.

7. Charley - 'I Suck at Being Lonely' (7.8%)

"Would not mind if Australia chose this at all. The build is so dramatic and emotional. She feels this song. I hope Charley can deliver on stage. A big contender." ~ Wayne, Brisbane

6. Paulini - 'We Are One' (8.8%)

"This is bloody catchy! Yes it may be early 80’s sounding and while it gives me “It’s Raining Men” vibes (and it could literally be raining men and I'd still be single) I can’t not tap my feet along. Great moments for some diva notes as well." ~ Scotty, Melbourne

5. Andrew Lambrou - 'Electrify' (10.7%)

"A point of difference that is probably more tuned to the European audience rather than the Australian one. Love his interview, obviously very knowledgeable about Eurovision." ~ Wayne, Brisbane

I really like this one, without loving it. It's more something that I'd put on the radio while driving... Melodically, it's very enjoyable. The Spanish sections sound lovely... it's exciting to see languages other than English here - I hope this opens the door for Greek or Croatian or other languages from Australian communities in the future." ~ Dylan, Sydney

4. G-Nat!on - 'Bite Me' (10.9%)

"My favourite of the selection! I love feeling like a empowered woman when this plays! I just know that these girls will elevate this song live with their amazing stage presence and vocals! Also I’d love for us to send a girl group to Turin as it’s something we’ve never done before." ~ Ellen, Kingaroy

"As a fan of female groups growing up (Girls Aloud, Spice Girls) and also a fan of Hurricane at Eurovision this is right up my alley - it’s got so much attitude and that kick in the chorus just explodes - what a catchy pop tune - if this has great Choreo and they are able to keep their vocals in check then this is a contender for the ticket - Australia has never sent a group and I think it’s time with a girl group no less - if I was to pick a song personally to go to Eurovision this one would be it because I love female bangers." ~ David, Wales.

The Top Three!

3. Jaguar Jonze - 'Little Fires' (11.6%)

"Still my absolute top choice. I would be so proud if we sent this." ~ Dan, London

"Oh heck yes. This one didn't really hit me until a few listens in, and I'm not sure why - Everything's here. Great dramatic built, clever and engaging lyrics, unique and unusually sculpted chorus and vocals that stick in your head. Just so good! I think this would be the best choice for us to send to Turin." ~ Dylan, Sydney

2. Sheldon Riley - 'Not the Same' (13.2%)

"Wow, this one really surprised me! I feel like we hear one or two versions of this type of ballad each year, but this is the first one that really managed to break through to me, and I was shocked that I had to stop myself from bursting into tears after the first time I heard it. This song doesn't wallow in self pity like some similar songs often do, but instead engages in coming to terms with and connecting with those emotions, the lyrics adding detail and drawing on genuine personal experiences rather than trying to be generic. I think it's the specificity of these experiences that help the listener to connect more deeply to it. Musically it builds beautifully and changes itself up throughout. It's just great. I love this one." ~ Dylan, Sydney.

"There’s something truly captivating about this song. three minutes absolutely flies by when you listen to it which doesn’t happen a lot with me and ballads. The last minute especially after Sheldon’s big note when it goes quiet gives me goosebumps. I just know the live performance of this is going to be so special and I would love if this was our representative in Turin." ~ Ellen, Kingaroy.

1. Voyager - 'Dreamer' (17.9%)

"Right now 'Dreamer' is my winner - just! From my first listen I was hooked, I had the song in my head all day. Right now this would be a standout unique entry at Eurovision 2022, and nothing like any song that Australia has sent before. Sometimes a song is just about an emotional response, and this song gives me energy and makes me super happy every time I hear it. Are the lyrics going to set a juries world on fire? No. But do I think Voyager can deliver a killer live performance that will get massive public support? Yes. " ~ Rebecca, Melbourne

"I have to say this song is bloody fantastic I love the 80s vibes that this gives off, the synth pop with the rockier vibes and it’s just so goddamn fun to listen to I think they’re going to bring a great live performance - it’s got a great sing along vibe to it and will be very memorable on the stage". ~ David, Wales

So will Voyager be the third act to win take out the coveted Aussievision public poll and Australia Decides crown double?

We also put together a 'Music Jury' together to see which entry may suit the juries on the weekend. Get the results here.

Find out Saturday 26 February. Get all the details you need on Australia Decides on our 'All You Need to Know' page.

You can also listen to the Aussievision team's views and rankings in our Australia Decides review and rank series. Listen via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get them!


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