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Australia Decides 2022: Aussievision's music jury rankings

This week, we revealed the votes from our public poll of 'Eurovision - Australia Decides', but we all know that 50% of the voting comes from the jury.

So, which songs will resonate with those within the music industry?

Since we don't have access to SBS's jury, we created our own!

We reached out to people within the industry including artists, songwriters and journalists from the worlds of classical, pop, dance, country and more!

Below are the results and the top three votes from each juror with their comments.

Juror 1: Tanzer

Melbourne based performer Tanzer (aka Hayley Tanzer) is a singer, DJ, director and fashion designer. She recently took part in the Eurovision selection process for San Marino and made an appearance on bass during Ella Hooper's performance of 'Data Dust' in 2019. Follow Tanzer on Instagram.

12 points: Jude York - 'I Won't Need to Dream'

"Dreamy, hypnotic, randomly anthemic - this is a classy entry from a talented young queer who must be protected at all costs. I feel like Jude has a 12-minute version of this song on a USB somewhere that gets way more weird and soundtrack-y."

10 points: Paulini - 'We Are One'

"Paulini is a stone cold star who could sing the phone book and be elected Prime Minister. This is the only camp thing in Oz Decides this year, and I’d like to thank our queen for the representation."

8 points: Voyager - 'Dreamer'

"Our odds-on favourite for on-stage pyrotechnics. They also seem to have made the national final after coercing fans to spam SBS’s social channels for the last few years - which is absolutely my strategy in 2023. I approve."

Juror 2: Angus Brill Reed

Angus is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter, musician, DJ and producer from Adelaide. Many will recognise him for being shortlisted for 'Australia Decides' in 2019. Follow him on Instagram.

12 points: Voyager - 'Dreamer'

"This was my favourite song of all. Classic Eurovision. Reminded me of the great New Romantics era of 80s pop rock. Shadows of Duran Duran and AHA. Catchy. Great falsetto. The melody grows on you. The easiest song to remember after hearing it once – always a good sign. A potential hit. Could genuinely win votes in Europe."

10 points: Sheldon Riley - 'Not The Same'

"Very nearly number one for me. Great vocal. Big notes win votes. Tinges of Martin Garrix meets Dean Lewis and Lewis Capaldi. Sam Smithesque. Lends itself for the big performance production and lighting that personifies Eurovision. You get a sense that Sheldon Riley has a real future in the industry."

8 points: G-Nat!on - 'Bite Me'

"Great title and genuine attitude and edge - Girl power from my friends at Girl Nation. Perfect for Eurovision in regard to colour, energy and the art of the performance. It’s time a girl band from Australia took over Europe. I can already see the girls sitting in the booth waiting for the votes from Iceland! "

Juror 3: Sosefina Fuamoli

Sosefina Fuamoli is a Samoan-Australian music journalist, podcast host, radio presenter and content producer. Her work has been featured in a number of titles including Rolling Stone Australia, triple j, Junkee, NME Australia, Time Out, The Big Issue Australia, The Australian and Music Feeds. In 2020, she received the inaugural ‘Live Music Journalist’ award at the National Live Music Awards. Follow her on Instagram.

12 points: Jaguar Jonze - 'Little Fires'

"I think Jaguar Jonze represents an excellent wave of musicianship and independence when it comes to Australian music and contemporary culture. Her uniqueness and strength in personality filters through awesomely in her music and I couldn't think of anyone better to represent on a global stage."

10 points: Isaiah Firebrace and Evie Irie - 'When I'm With You'

"Isaiah is one of Australia's most dynamic voices - certainly from the last decade. Collaborating with an artist like Evie is a slam dunk project; this song is emotive, immersive and captivating."

8 points: Charley - 'I Suck at Being Lonely'

"An interesting newcomer for me - I didn't know about Charley prior to hearing this song. There's something that instantly draws me to Charley; a vulnerability and honesty in the songwriting that elevates its overall charm."

Juror 4: Uncanny Valley (Justin Shave & Charlton Hill)

Uncanny Valley is a music technology group who believe in the pursuit of augmented creativity and strive to define the ethical and sustainable role of emerging tech in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. The group include composers, songwriters and music producers and won the AI Song Contest for Australia, a "Eurovision" style event for AI music. Follow them on Instagram.

12 points: Jude York - 'I Won't Need to Dream'

"Intimate vocal delivery, surprising arrangement, positive sentiment."

10 points: Voyager - 'Dreamer'

"This track kicks ass! Punchy sound, tight arrangement, very close second."

8 points: Charley - 'I Suck at Being Lonely'

"Cool lyrical sentiment to how we all feel, beautiful vocal, strong arrangement."

Juror 5: Jessica Condon

Jessica Condon hails from Melbourne but has made London home in recent years, making a name for herself in musical theatre. Jessica recently made it to the semi-finals of ‘Una Voce Per San Marino’ where she competed to represent San Marino at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Follow her on Instagram.

12 points: Erica Padilla - 'To the Bottom'

"It was close between this and ‘Bite me’, but what solidified ’To the bottom’ for me was the the strength of the melody and Erica’s voice. Gosh, what a voice - like velvet and she makes it sound so easy! I think the song is really strong, the melody is memorable/catchy, it ebbs and flows beautifully and grows really well to the end. I’d happily add this to my regular playlist! I hope her talent shines through and, like me, Australia Decides to see her as a winner too!"

10 points: G-Nat!on - 'Bite Me'

"This song is SUCH a banger! I will be adding this to my ‘pump up’ playlist. Reminds me a lot of Little Mix, and I’m here for it. I think it’s really catchy and I love the harmony, especially in the repetition of “bite me” in the chorus. I think it has a great beat and it’s got some great rhythmic changes throughout! Very memorable! Love it and I think Eurovision audiences will love it too!"

8 points: Sheldon Riley - 'Not The Same'

"3rd spot was a close call between this and ‘Electrify’, but ‘Not the same’ won me over with it’s beautiful melody, subtlety and heart. I love his voice, reminds me a lot of Sam Smith, and love the simple piano accompaniment throughout. This is closer to the style of music I like to listen to, and I think when a song is stripped back like this and doesn’t have too much “extra” happening in the accompaniment there needs to be a strong, beautiful melody - which this song definitely has. Another one I’ll be adding to the playlist!"

Juror 6: Paul "Browny" Brown from Wall of Sound

Paul "Browny" Brown runs Australia's leading 'alternative music' publication 'Wall of Sound' He is also a two-time ACRA (Australian Commercial Radio Awards) nominee and you can find him on Instagram.

12 points: Voyager - 'Dreamer'

"Voyager are not only the perfect fit for this competition, they've got all the right sounds, visuals and aesthetics to captivate an audience's attention instantly. Prog metal, blended with pop, a bass-filled vocal performance and that keytar - if that doesn't scream winner, then you're not listening hard enough! #Voyager4Eurovision2022"

10 points: Jaguar Jonze - 'Little Fires'

"What a voice! Diverse, melodic and soothing throughout but that chorus - instantly makes you want to scream along"

8 points: Charley - 'I Suck at Being Lonely'

"Power ballads are brilliant and offer building excitement levels - which this track absolutely delivered"

Juror 7: Luke Severn

Luke is a Melbourne based concert cellist, composer, and musical director who has performed across Australia, Europe and North America. Follow him on Instagram.

12 points: Jude York - 'I Won't Need to Dream'

"One of the things I love most about Eurovision is when a performance brings something different and unexpected. It's so easy to want to reach for the Club Anthem, and don't get me wrong, I love those too, but this one really took me by surprise. It took me on a journey and back, both with beautiful lyrical singing and a great build through the choruses and back down again. It also has one of the most interesting and satisfying harmonic structures of all the entrants (second only to 'Little Fires' by Jaguar Jonze)"

10 points: Paulini - 'We Are One'

"Speaking of Club Anthems, this is totally it. Paulini understood the assignment of Eurovision and hit every mark. I love the contrast between the verses and chorus and the the beat drop after the bridge is exactly what we need. Listening to this I could totally picture it onstage in Turin."

8 points: Sheldon Riley - 'Not The Same'

"Sheldon Riley's vocals totally sold me on this song. At the end of the day, really powerful singing will nearly always win me over. Both the great singing and the introspective lyrics of this number are perfect for Eurovision."

Juror 8: THE GAZE

THE GAZE is a collaborative music project of singer/songwriter Sam Cremean, who has performed across Australia as well as featuring in lineups in New York and Japan. Back in 2022 with their debut Album, 'Green Mansion', the first single ‘Eucalyptus’ is out now. Follow him on Instagram.

12 points: Jaguar Jonze - Little Fires'

"It was a very difficult decision for first place between Jag and Sheldon. I think Jaguar Jonze has delivered an original, powerful and raw song that has an important message. It has shades of Radiohead and Orville Peck and builds into a crescendo which provides ample opportunities for exceptional staging. On first listen I wasn't so intrigued by this track however I think this was personal bias based on the expectation she would enter a high energy song like Rabbit Hole. It has since grown on me and is now my pick to represent Australia at Turin in May. I think it is also the entry which would place highest at Eurovision of the selection. There's authenticity here which a lot of the rest are lacking and this is likely attributed to the artist being involved in the writing process themselves rather than a singer paired with a song. I think this song will have broad appeal and will be well peformed in the Gold Coast - 10/10!"

10 points: Sheldon Riley - 'Not The Same'

"I ugly cried on the first listen to this song. It's a deeply emotive track and as a queer artist myself I instantly identified with with emotions being evoked. It sounds as though it belongs on a movie soundtrack and is evidently heavily Adele inspired, one of Sheldon's idols. Again I appreciate that Sheldon penned the lyrics himself, giving this a genuine feel which I think audiences will respond well to. I most love the bridge section where Sheldon breaks into an almost rap providing respite from the sometimes overly repetitive chorus. This is going to be explosive on the night and I can't wait to see what Sheldon wears. I would be very happy for Sheldon to represent Australia at ESC 2022 with this powerful ballad - 9.5/10."

8 points: Voyager - 'Dreamer'

"So good to see Australia Decides diversifying even more this year and Voyager are the perfect example. While not my usual taste, this track is undeniably infectious and perfectly encapsulates our collective fatigue and angst at the pandemic. Both the electronic elements and Daniel’s vocal style are clearly inspired by The Presets (but with a metal twang) making it anthemic and dancey. The lyrics are simple yet effective and stay clear from prog-metal cliches (ie. aren't violent). I particularly like the choruses immediately after the bridge, however after that it lags a little bit and does not end on the bang it should. I think this would be a killer entry for Australia at Eurovision however with a rock group winning last year I'm not sure how well it would place."

Juror 9: Justin Thomson from KIX Country

Justin Thomson is the National Content Director for Australias largest Country Music radio network, KIX Country. The the station includes a popular weekly Monday Facebook Live show titled 'KIX LIVE', which showcases new and established country acts from Australia and around the world. Follow KIX Country on Instagram.

12 points: Erica Padilla - 'To The Bottom'

"I can't go past a great vocalist. Ericas vocal range is impressive, I was sold from the first line. Erica brings great energy to the song. 'To The Bottom' was the first track I wanted to hear a second time, once I'd finished listening to all. That says alot to me. For that reason, I have put it as my number one choice."

10 points: Paulini - 'We Are One'

"Once again, vocals. I can't look past a perfect vocal performance. When I saw Paulini's name in the list I immediately knew what I was going to be faced with. Big immaculate vocals, vibrant sound, and energy not to be matched. It's exactly what I got, and I can certainly see Paulini up on the world stage representing Australia."

8 points: Voyager - 'Dreamer'

"When I heard this song for the first time, the visuals in my head were bright. Second to a great vocal performance for me, is a great stage show. Voyager performing this song on the Eurovision stage, would be electrifying. One of the only tracks from the list that stuck with me. This song made me feel alive."

Final Aussievision Music Jury results!

1. Jaguar Jonze - Little Fires' - 68 points

2. Voyager - 'Dreamer' - 65

3. Sheldon Riley - 'Not The Same' - 55

3. Jude York - 'I Won't Need to Dream' - 55

5. Paulini - 'We Are One' - 53

6. Charley - 'I Suck At Being Lonely' - 52

7. Isaiah Firebrace and Evie Irie - 'When I'm With You' - 43

7. Erica Padilla - 'To the Bottom' - 43

9. G-Nat!on - 'Bite Me' - 35

10. Andrew Lambrou - 'Electrify' - 34

11. Seann Miley Moore - 'My Body' - 19

So there we have it! Jaguar Jonze is our music jury winner for 2022!

However, with only 16 points separating the top six, it is clear there are many songs in the mix who can win the love of the jury.

Which live performance will win them over? Find out on Saturday 26 February during the live broadcast on SBS and SBS On Demand from 8:30pm (AEDT).

'Eurovision - Australia Decides' takes place on the Gold Coast on 25 and 26 February. Get all details in our 'Australia Decides - Everything you need to know' article.

Follow Aussievision across all our social network channels and subscribe to our podcast and YouTube channel. All links at:

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22 lut 2022

Betting odds suggest Sheldon is going to walk away with it. While many may think that is deserved "Not the same" will be competing for votes against Poland and Italy. A strong female performer is what we need to send this year. Jaguar Jonze and Charley are both awesome.

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