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Aussievision's Australia Decides 2022 poll - the international results

The results saw Voyager win ahead of Sheldon in second place and Jaguar Jonze round out the top three.

However, those were the results of just the Australian voters as we looked to replicate the public vote on the night.

When we looked at the remaining 113 international voters (there were 391 Aussie voters) the results looked quite different.

Here are the results of international voters:

1. Sheldon Riley - 'Not The Same' (21.1%)

2. Voyager - 'Dreamer" (16.3%)

3. Charley - 'I Suck at Being Lonely' (13.7%)

4. Andrew Lambrou - 'Electrify' (12.2%)

5. G-Nat!on - 'Bite Me' (9.6%)

6. Jaguar Jonze - 'Little Fires' (8.2%)

7. Jude York - 'I Won't Need to Dream' (5.6%)

8. Paulini - 'We Are One' (4.4%)

9. Erica Padilla - 'To The Bottom' (3.3%)

10. Seann Miley Moore - 'My Body' (3.0%)

11. Isaiah Firebrace and Evie Irie - 'When I'm With You' (2.6%)

Sheldon has proved to be more popular with international fans, swapping first and second place with Western Australia's Voyager who still did well.

Charley jumped from 7th in the Aussie fans poll to 3rd, while Jaguar Jonze fell from 3rd to 6th with international fans.

This result closely aligns to the My Eurovision Scoreboard app vote that currently has Sheldon leading ahead of Charley, G-Nat!on, Andrew Lambrou and Voyager.

So will Sheldon take out the crown? Find out Saturday 26 February!

You can also listen to the Aussievision team's views and rankings in our Australia Decides review and rank series. Listen via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get them!


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