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American Song Contest: Songs out for the second qualifying show

Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

The songs competing in the second qualifying show of the American Song Contest are out.

The entries are part of second episode of the show taking place on the evening of Monday 28 March in the United States (Tuesday morning in Australia).

The songs are being released to streaming services worldwide so aren't available in all regions yet.

Artists and songs

Almira Zaky - 'Over You' (Virginia)

Broderick Jones - 'Tell Me' (Kansas)

Chloe Fredericks - 'Can't Make You Love Me' (North Dakota)

Courtship - 'Million Dollar Smoothies' (Oregon)

Cruz Rock - 'Celebrando' (US Virgin Islands)

Enisa - 'Green Light' (New York)

Jocelyn - 'Never Alone' (Nebraska)

Jonah Prill - 'Fire it Up' (Montana)

Jordan Smith - 'Sparrow' (Kentucky)

King Kyote - 'Get Out Alive' (Maine)

Macy Gray - 'Every Night' (Ohio)

For all details on the artists, the show and the broadcast, please visit our second qualifying show article.


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