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We Are Domi with 'Lights Off' to represent Czech Republic at Eurovision 2022

We are Domi and their song 'Lights Off' was announced as the winner of Czech Republic's ESCZ contest and will represent the nation at Eurovision 2022.

The ESCZ winner was decided by 50% international jury, 25% international public vote, and 25% Czech public voting.

The international jury included former Eurovision artists Victor Crone (Estonia 2019), TIX (Norway 2021), Maraaya (Slovenia 2015), The Black Mamba (Portugal 2021), Manizha (Russia 2021), Blind Channel (Finland 2021), Go_A (Ukraine 2021), Daði Freyr (Iceland 2021), Gjon's Tears (Switzerland 2021), Jay Aston from Buck's Fizz (UK 1981), Paul Harrington (Ireland 1994) and Charlie McGettigan (Ireland 1994).

'Lights Off' easily won the international jury ahead of Elis Mraz's 'Imma Be'.

The Czech Republic public chose Jordan Haj & Emma Smetana's 'By Now' as their favourite ahead of 'Imma Be' with Giudi's 'Jezinky' third and 'Lights Off' fourth.

While the international vote had We Are Domi with 'Lights Off' on top, ahead of Giudi's 'Jezinky'.

The final results were:

  1. We Are Domi - 'Lights Off' (21 points)

  2. Elis Mraz - 'Imma Be' (17 points)

  3. Giudi - 'Jezinky' (15 points)

  4. Jordan Haj & Emma Smetana - 'By Now' (12 points)

  5. Skywalker - 'Way Down' (12 points)

  6. Annabelle - 'Runnin' Out of Freakin' Time' (11 points)

  7. The Valentines - 'Stay or Go' (6 points)

You can watch the full results here:

The ESCZ format has worked well for Czech Republic in recent years, with their two best results of 6th (Mikolas Josef - 'Lie to Me' ) and 11th (Lake Malawi -'Friend of a Friend') coming from the format.

Song joins Bulgaria's entry 'Intention' as the second song in the Eurovision 2022 line-up.


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