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Vote for your favourite UK Eurovision entries

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Katrina and The Waves Eurovision win for the United Kingdom with the song 'Love Shine A Light'.

Katrina and The Waves secured the UK's fifth Eurovision win in the city of Dublin on May 3 1997. They beat runner-up Ireland who competed with Marc Roberts' 'Mysterious Woman' by 70 points!

To celebrate this historic occasion, we are conducting a poll looking for everyone's favourite UK Eurovision entries from 1957 to 2022.

Katrina and the Waves, straight after they were announced as Eurovision winners. Image credit / EBU

You will get to vote for your top 10 favourite UK Eurovision songs, there are 65 entries to choose from, right back to the beginning with Patricia Bredin's song 'All' to this year's UK entry 'SPACE MAN' by Sam Ryder.

The list includes the five Eurovision winning songs, which makes the United Kingdom one of the most successful Eurovision countries based on Eurovision wins.

Their record equals France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and are only beaten by Sweden who have six wins and Ireland who have seven wins.

All we ask is that you choose your top 10 from their entries 2022 to 1957 and vote only once. The voting system will be like Eurovision with 12, 10 and 8 points for your top three selections and 7 points to 1 point for your remaining top 10.

You can find a recap of all 1957 to 2021 entries here:

You can listen to the UK's current entry from this year here:

Voting has closed!

Voting will end on Monday April 25 at 16:00AEST.

Results will be revealed on Tuesday April 26, a week before the 25th anniversary of the UK's last Eurovision win.

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