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All the Finnish Eurovision entries that have charted on Finland's national music chart

Finland has been competing at Eurovision for over sixty years. With 56 entries, one Eurovision win and more recently known for their rock songs, Finland have had varying degrees of success throughout their years in the Contest.

Today we take a look at how the Finnish Eurovision entries have performed on Finland's national music Singles chart.

Out of their 56 entries, twelve songs have charted in Finland on the Singles chart. The first single to chart was in 1998 with Edea's 'Aava'.

The Official Finnish charts were started in 1994 by Musiikkituottajat and remain the official records chart published by Musiikkituottajat – IFPI Finland.

As well as the Singles chart, the Latauslista (download chart) was also an indicator of Finland's music tastes. The ranking includes some songs that appeared on both the Singles and Latauslista charts.

Some songs managed to only chart on the Latauslista (download chart). As our ranking is only based solely on the Singles chart, here are the songs that only charted on the Latauslista chart:

  • Softengine - 'Something Better' (2014) / Peak No. 3

  • Krista Siegfrids - 'Marry Me' (2013) / Peak No. 6

  • Sandhja - 'Sing It Away' (2016) / Peak No. 8

  • Norma John - 'Blackbird' (2017) / Peak No. 10

  • Hanna Pakarinen - 'Leave Me Alone' (2007) / Peak No. 11

  • Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät - 'Aina mun pitää' (2015) / Peak No. 15

We have ranked all the songs from the Singles chart based on their charting success. The singles are ranked in order of their peak positions, then number of weeks at their peak, then number of weeks in the chart. This list has been compiled from the 'IFPI' archive which you can find here.

Let’s begin!

12. Nina Åström - 'A Little Bit' (2000)

No. 17 - 1 week on chart

Finland's Eurovision 2000 entry was sung in full English language, the first time since 1976. Unfortunately the change of song language got the Finns only an 18th place at Eurovision. Despite the result 'A Little Bit' by Nina Åström managed to chart on the Singles singles chart for a single week at No. 17.

11. Edea - 'Aava' (1998)

No. 17 - 1 week at peak - 2 weeks on chart

'Aava' by Edea is the earliest song to chart on the Singles chart that we tracked down. Along with its impactful vocals and many instruments on stage, which included an urn, 'Aava' finished in 15th place for Finland. It managed to chart on the music chart for two weeks peaking at No. 17.

10. Saara Aalto - 'Monsters' (2018)

No. 13 - 1 week at peak - 3 weeks on chart

'Monsters' is a very catchy radio friendly song that managed to scrape through to the Eurovision Grand Final in 2018, where it managed to finish in 25th place. Saara Aalto's song faired better on the Finnish Singles chart where it peaked at No. 13. It remains her only hit song on the Singles chart.

9. Laura - 'Addicted to You' (2002)

No. 11 - 1 week at peak - 4 weeks on chart

'Addicted to You' is a disco inspired number by Laura that finished in 20th place at Eurovision in 2002. The song saw some success on the Finnish music chart where it faired better reaching No. 11.

8. Paradise Oskar - 'Da Da Dam' (2011)

No. 6 - 1 week at peak - 2 weeks on chart

Paradise Oskar and his guitar qualified for the Eurovision Grand Final in 2011 with the catchy 'Da Da Dam'. The song finished in 21st place. In the Finnish singles chart the song scored a top 10 spot where it peaked at No. 6 for a single week.

7. The Rasmus - 'Jezebel' (2022)

No. 4 - 1 week at peak - 5 weeks on chart

The Rasmus managed to score a back to back qualification for Finland at Eurovision, something the Nordic nation had not achieved since 2014.

The Rasmus had the most success in the 2000s, particular with their global hit 'In The Shadows' in 2003. They competed at Eurovision with the anthemic song 'Jezebel', finishing in 21st place.

The song peaked at No. 4 on the Finnish music chart and became their 21st single to chart in Finland and their 18th top 5 hit single!

6. Jari Sillanpää - 'Takes 2 to Tango' (2004)

No. 2 - 1 week at peak - 4 weeks on chart

'Takes 2 to Tango' missed out on the Eurovision Grand Final back in Istanbul in 2004. Despite the result it remained a favourite with the Finnish public where it peaked at No. 2 on the national singles chart. The Finnish must love to tango!

5. Teräsbetoni - 'Missä miehet ratsastaa' (2008)

No. 2 - 3 weeks at peak - 18 weeks on chart

'Missä miehet ratsastaa' by Teräsbetoni was Finland's entry for the 2008 Contest held in Belgrade. Unfortunately they couldn't replicate Lordi's success with Teräsbetoni finishing in 22nd place. The song faired better on the Finnish charts where it peaked at No. 2 for three weeks.

The song did really well on the Latauslista (download chart) where it peaked at No. 1 for a week. It remains the only song to reach No. 1 on the Latauslista but missed out on the top spot on the Singles chart.

4. Lordi - 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' (2006)

No. 1 - 1 week at peak - 12 weeks on chart

'Hard Rock Hallelujah' is Finland's first and only Eurovision win so far. The song proved very popular in Athens and even in Finland where it reached No. 1 for a single week. It was the first Finnish Eurovision song to reach No. 1 on the Finnish music singles chart.

On Finland's Latauslista 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' peaked at No. 6 for a single week and remained on the chart for 12 weeks.

3. Waldo's People - 'Lose Control' (2009)

No. 1 - 2 weeks at peak - 28 weeks on chart

'Lose Control' managed to make it to the Eurovision Grand Final in 2009 thanks to the back-up jury system at the time, but unfortunately the song finish in last place. Despite the result Waldo's People saw success back at home where their Eurovision entry reaching No. 1 on the singles chart for two weeks. It had better chart success than Finland's Eurovision 2006 winning song 'Hard Rock Hallelujah'!

'Lose Control' also performed well on the Latauslista where it peaked at No. 2 and stayed there for an impressive 11 weeks.

2. Blind Channel - 'Dark Side' (2021)

No. 1 - 2 weeks at peak - 29 weeks on chart

'Dark Side' by Blind Channel saw Finland return to their rock/metal roots at Eurovision with great success. Blind Channel's entry finished in sixth place at the Eurovision Grand Final in Rotterdam to become Finland's most successful Eurovision song since Lordi's win in 2006, only beaten by Käärijä in 2023. The band's success translated to the Singles chart where 'Dark Side' peaked at No. 1 for two weeks, the best result for a Eurovision song in Finland in 12 years.

1. Käärijä - 'Cha Cha Cha' (2023)

No. 1 - 9 weeks at peak - 25 weeks on chart *CURRENTLY CHARTING*

'Cha Cha Cha' by the charismatic Käärijä just missed out on the trophy at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, finishing in second place. 'Cha Cha Cha' was the Eurovision televote favourite. It was selected to compete at Eurovision in Finland's national final UMK where Käärijä won the public vote by over 52%. The song's popularity hasn't diminished as 'Cha Cha Cha' managed a placing on the Singles chart at No. 1, for nine non-consecutive weeks. It is Finland's most successful Eurovision entry ever on their music chart.

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