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Ukranian National Final ‘Vidbir 2020’ Semi Final 2 Results

Today in the Ukranian National Final ‘Vidbir 2020’ eight acts competed for three spots in the Final which will take place next week on February 22.

The voting will be 50/50. The jury will make up 50% of the results and the Ukrainian public will make up the remaining 50%.

Here are the results for Semi Final 2:

Tvorchi ‘Bonfire’ - 16 points

Khayat ‘Call for Love’ - 14 points

David Axelrod ‘Horizon’ - 11 points

Oleksandr Porisdynskyi ‘Savior’ - 8 points

Elina Ivanshchenko ‘Get Up’ - 8 points

Moonzoo feat F.M.F. Sure ‘Maze’ - 7 points

Fo Sho ‘Blck Sqr’ - 6 points

Garna ‘Who We Are?’ - 2 points

The winner of the night was Tvorchi with their electronic and soulful performance of ’Bonfire’. They were the jury and televoting favourite.

In runner up place and securing themselves a spot in the final was Khayat with his unique performance ‘Call for Love’. They were the televoting public and juries second favourite.

The last act to secure their spot in the final was third placed David Axelrod with ‘Horizon’.

The Final of ‘Vidbir 2020’ will take place on February 22 in Europe and February 23 in Australia.

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