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Ukrainian national final ‘Vidbir 2020’ Semi Final 1 Preview

The Ukrainian National Final ‘Vidbir 2020’ will commence with the first of the semi finals to be televised on February 8 in Europe and February 9 in Australia.

The national final shows will be presented by Serhiy Prytula. He is a Ukrainian TV presenter, actor, author. He has co-produced a folk sketch show called “Faina Yukraina”. He is also hosts a morning show and talent show.

The judging panel will have three members.

Andriy Danylko, better known as his drag stage persona Verka Serduchka, who represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki with ‘Dancing Lasha Tumbai’. and came close to winning the Eurovision trophy finishing in the runner up position.

Tina Karol, who represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 held in Athens. Her entry ‘Show Me Your Love’ got her a 7th place finish in the Grand Final.

Vitalii Drozdov who is the director-general of Hit FM radio.

The voting will be 50/50. The jury will make up 50% of the results and the Ukrainian public will make up the remaining 50%.

In semi final 1 only 3 out of the 8 acts will progress to the Final which will take place on February 22.

All 8 competing artists for Semi Final 1 in the shows running order are:

1. [O] ‘Tam, kudy ya ydu’

2. Jerry Heil ‘Vegan’

3. Katya Chilly ‘Pich’

Not yet released

4. Krutь ’99’

5. Go-A ‘Solovey’

6. CLOUDLESS ‘Drown Me Down’

7. Gio ‘Feeling So Lost’

8. Assol ‘Save It’

Details on how to watch ‘Vidbir 2020’ will be available through our socials soon.

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