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TV ratings for SBS Eurovision 2022 coverage out


Viewing figures for the prime-time repeats of the broadcast of the Eurovision shows featuring Australia have been revealed.

Eurovision 2022 semi-final 2

Sheldon Riley performing 'Not The Same' / Photo credit: EBU

On Saturday May 14 the Eurovision 2022 semi-final 2 evening primetime replay featuring Sheldon Riley garnered 221,000 viewers. That is a 40% increase in viewership from last year when Montaigne competed in Eurovision 2021 semi-final 1 which had 157,000 viewers.

Saturday nights Eurovision 2022 semi-final 2 replay came in second with the 16 - 39 age demographic (69,000) and in fourth place with the 18 - 49 age demographic (99,000) and with the 25-54 age demographic (109,000).

Eurovision 2022 Grand Final

Eurovision 2022 hosts / Photo credit: RAI

The Eurovision 2022 Grand Final which also featured Sheldon Riley who qualified from semi-final 2 managed to get 196,000 viewers on Sunday morning (for the winners announcement)! That is a large group of dedicated fans getting up in the early hours of the morning! This is an increase of 15% from last years morning viewers (for the winners announcement).

The Eurovision 2022 Grand Final evening primetime replay got 204,000 viewers, an increase of 23% from last year where 165,000 viewers tuned in.

The increase this year is warranted given Sheldon and the Australia delegation were able to to make it to Turin, unlike last year where Australia competed with a live-on-tape, as Montaigne and the Australian delegation couldn't leave Australia due to the COVID pandemic. Sheldon's qualification to the Grand Final also help drive up the Grand Final viewer numbers.

Let's hope we continue to see this growth in viewership at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Source: TV Tonight

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