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Top Five Eurovision songs for Moldova's Independence Day

Note: Top five favourite picks are from Dale

Today is the Independence Day of Moldova commemorating their independence from the Soviet Union on 27 August 1991.

Moldova made their debut in 2005 and are sometimes seen as the 'Court Jesters' of Eurovision. They however been in the Grand Final two-third of the time including three Top 10 appearances. Their record that shows they really punch above their weight and when you take GDP into the equation, Moldova has been the best nation this decade.

I personally am a big fan of the plucky little nation, so to celebrate their day, I am going to give you my five favourite entries from Moldova.

5. Pasha Parfeny - "Lăutar" - 11th in 2012

A very typical performance of "Brand Moldova". Striking outfits, interesting choreography, classic lines and of course trumpets... Pasha closed the show with a strong vocal, selling the performance down the camera with a slight and endearing Eastern lilt. Backing vocalist Aliona Moon went on to represent Moldova the very next year finishing 11th.

4. Nelly Ciobanu - Hora din Moldova - 14th in 2009

Surprisingly this entry is one of only three from Moldova to include Romanian. The staging included traditional inspired outfits and backdrop fronted by a high energy trumpet infused performance. It's hard not be caught up in what feels like pure joy in the performance that could be in a back shed at a Moldovan wedding or at the biggest stage in a Eurovision final.

3. Lidia Isac - Falling Stars - 17th in SF1 2016

This song is perfect Eurovision pop.... if it were about five years earlier. Luckily for Lidia, we love something a bit dated and this is an absolute guilty pleasure. Lidia in a simple dress nails most of the vocal and performance And because we have no trumpets for the usual level of Moldova wacky, they've included a dancing Astronaut. A personal favourite and one you should revisit. It's a great little song!

2. Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma! - 3rd place 2017

They became a mainstream meme with Epic Sax Guy after their 2010 performance, but it's their 2017 entry that's my favourite. A simple but perfectly executed dance routine featuring pleasing Europop. The wedding concept, the sax and the memorable chorus - it all just WORKED. It got them third in the televote and third overall for Moldova's best ever result.

1. DoReDos - My Lucky Day - 10th place 2018

No LEDs, no problem for Moldova! In what was the best staging of the 2018 contest, Moldova polished up a much maligned song with a memorable performance. They brought us 'Carry On Eurovision' with brilliant choreography (find the behind the scenes video - it's epic), prop use and humour.

And yes there was still trumpets, striking outfits and an Eastern accent to truly bring the best bits of Moldova together in what was their third best result of all time. I adore everything about this and it my favourite entry ever from the nation.

You can see I've left out other classics likes 'O mie' and both Zdob și Zdub entries, but that just shows you the strength of this small nation.

I can't wait to see what they serve up in 2020.


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