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Best Eurovision countries of the decade - by GDP

Large or rich countries dominate like Sweden, Italy, Russia and Australia. But what about those plucky nations that really punch above their weight? Well we did the numbers to work out which countries performed best when taking Gross Domestic Product (GDP) into account.

For you methodology nerds we worked this out by: The amount in billions of GDP divided by the average amount of Grand Final points (points doubled for 2010-2015 under old system). This gives us the amount of average Grand Final points per $ billion of GDP.

So let's look at the Top 10 in reverse order.

10. Montenegro - 4.05 points per $ billion

Montenegro may have only made the final two times in their eight years competing this decade but even then that's a remarkable achievement for a nation their size. They are one of the smallest nations competing in Eurovsion with just over half a million inhabitants, roughly the population of the Gold Coast. Their best result was Knez with 'Adio' back in 2015 finishing in 13th.

9. Cyprus - 4.07 points per $ billion

Despite being only slightly larger in population, Cyprus has a GDP five times the size of Montenegro. This $ has helped them have a rich history in Eurovision with the 2010s their fourth decade in the contest. They qualified 7 ouf of 9 times and got their highest result ever with Eleni Foureira's 'Fuego' in 2018 finishing runner-up.

8. Malta - 4.31 points per $ billion

Another plucky island nation with a long history in the contest. With a similar population to Cyprus and Montenegro, it sits somewhere in the middle with GDP. A solid 50% qualification record this decade including a Top 10 in 2013 with Gianluca Bezzina's 'Tomorrow'.

7. Azerbaijan - 4.90 points per $ billion

A slightly surprising entry, there is no doubt Azerbaijan has had a remarkably successful decade (particularly the first half) but they are too rich to figure here aren't they? Well their current GDP of around 45 billion has dropped significantly since the early 2010s (when they were around 75 billion which still isn't that high). For this list we are using current GDP so it has inflated their position slightly, however even old figures would have them just outside the 10. Their best result this decade was a win in 2011 with 'Running Scared'.

6. Georgia - 4.99 points per $ billion

Georgia has around 4 million inhabitants but has a GDP closer to that of Malta. Despite some recent setbacks they have had a healthy 50% qualification record this decade including two Top 10 results in 2010 (Shine) and 2011 (One More Day).

5. Albania - 5.05 points per $ billion

With a GDP and average just smaller than Georgia and an average score just a little less than them, Albania sneaks into the Top 5. It was their second decade of the contest and they qualified 50% of the time with their best result coming in 2012 with a 5th place thanks to 'Suus'. An excellent achievement for a country with a population just a little larger than Brisbane.

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina - 5.78 points per $ billion

The 2000s were a very successful decade for Bosnia and Herzegovina and despite being in the contest only four times this decade they still did well. They qualified three times and received their fifth Top 10 result ever with Dino Merlin's 'Love in Rewind' back in 2011.

3. San Marino - 5.83 points per $ billion

Well has their been a pluckier little nation than San Marino? With the smallest population in Europe (around the size of Warrnambool) and a tiny GDP, the nation managed to qualify for the final twice in 2014 (with Sanmarinese singer Valentina Montetta) and in 2019 with Turkish Eurodaddy Serhat giving them their best result finishing 19th.

2. Armenia - 10.26 points per $ billion

Armenia has a population around the size of Albania but do have a healthier GDP. They also have a great record in Eurovision. The 2010s weren't as successful as the 2000s but they still managed to qualify 6 out of 9 times and get three top 10 results. They also equalled their best place with 4th to Aram Mp3 in 2014 with 'Not Alone'. Their average points were the 18th best overall this decade, a remarkable achievement for a small but proud nation.

1. Moldova - 10.32 points per $ billion

Moldova has a slightly smaller population, GDP and average points than Armenia but snuck ahead when combining everything together. They qualified six times and are famous this decade for 'Epic Sax Guy'. He along with the rest of Sunstroke Project gave the country their best ever performance with 'Hey Mama' finishing 3rd in 2017. They had one other Top 10 (2018) but also had three other songs finish 11th, 11th and 12th. An incredible decade for the former Soviet state.

Full rankings below:

  1. Moldova

  2. Armenia

  3. San Marino

  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  5. Albania

  6. Georgia

  7. Azerbaijan

  8. Malta

  9. Cyprus

  10. Montenegro

  11. North Macedonia

  12. Estonia

  13. Iceland

  14. Serbia

  15. Bulgaria

  16. Ukraine

  17. Latvia

  18. Lithuania

  19. Slovenia

  20. Hungary

  21. Sweden

  22. Romania

  23. Greece

  24. Belarus

  25. Denmark

  26. Portugal

  27. Croatia

  28. Czech Republic

  29. Norway

  30. Austria

  31. Israel

  32. Belgium

  33. Turkey

  34. Australia

  35. Russia

  36. Netherlands

  37. Italy

  38. Ireland

  39. Finland

  40. Poland

  41. Switzerland

  42. Spain

  43. France

  44. Germany

  45. UK

  46. Slovakia


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