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The best Eurovision countries of the 2010s - ranked

As we come to the end of the decade and the last (senior) Eurovision contest has been completed, it's time to look back and find out who were the powerhouse countries of the 2010s.

To ensure we excluded our bias (Come on Australia!) we used data to compile the list. We looked at the total amount of points a country received plus their average rank and also their average amount of points. (Note: we doubled 2010-2015 to align with 2016 onwards).

After a few spreadsheets helped by our Aussievision contributors, we crunched the numbers and came up with the Top 10 below:

10. Norway

Ranked: 8th in Total Points; 11th in Average Points; 11th in Average Position

Although Norway didn't make a Top 3 during the 2010s they were consistently very good. In the Grand Final 80% of the time, they made five Top 10s (all in the last seven years) with their best performance Margaret Berger's 4th place in 2013 with 'I Feed You My Love'. KEiiNO of course also won the televote in 2019 with 'Spirit in the Sky' before finishing in 6th place overall. Back that up with 'Silent Storm', 'A Monster Like Me' and 'Grab the Moment' and you have a very solid decade.

This comes after making the Top 10 four times in the 2000s (including a win). They were once the laughing stock of Eurovision known for their last places, but have now become quite the power knocking on the door for their fourth title.

9. Germany

Ranked: 10th in Total Points; 13th in Average Points; 10th in Average Position

This might surprise some people because for a period this decade, Germany were.... well woeful. But results speak for themselves. The country had a win in 2010 with Lena's 'Satellite' as well as 4th place in 2018 with 'You Let Me Walk Alone' plus two other top 10s with 'Taken By a Stranger' and 'Standing Still'. On the flip side they have had two last places and two second last places which isn't great. And we must remember their averages are helped by their guaranteed place in the final.

But regardless of this it can't be denied that Germany's top results (including that win) get them a deserved (and surprising) spot in the top 10.

8. Australia

Ranked: 9th in Total Points; 4th in Average Points; 3rd in Average Position

Well based on numbers you could argue for Australia to be a little higher but we must remember we've only been in the contest five times. Now of course that's less times to win, but it's also less times to 'flop'. But what a five years we've had since our debut in 2015. From coming agonisingly close to winning in 2016 with Dami Im's 'Sound of Silence' to 5th place on debut with 'Tonight Again' to our pair of 9th places in 'Zero Gravity' (with her points unlucky to finish that low) and Isaiah's 'Don't Come Easy'.

Making the Top 10 four out of five times and a 100% qualification record is a remarkable achievement. If we were only looking at the last five years we'd likely be in the Top 3. But it is the whole decade we must consider, so hence 8th place. Australia now has a guaranteed place in the contest for at least four more years, a victory is the ultimate goal for our ambitious nation.

7. The Netherlands

Ranked: 7th in Total Points; 9th in Average Points; 19th in Average Ranking

The Netherlands probably have the best redemption story this decade. After eight non-qualifications in a row (including three this decade and a last place, which hurt their average ranking) they bounced back with Anouk's 9th place in 2013. This went on to a golden run for the Dutch with a second place in 2014 with 'Calm After the Storm' and two solid 11th places for Douwe Bob's 'Slow Down' and the wonderful harmonies of OG3NE. This all led to the much deserved win for the country this year for Duncan Laurence's 'Arcade'.

Will they continue this run and have a solid result next year? Only time will tell.

6. Denmark

Ranked: 6th in Total Points; 8th in Average Points; 9th in Average Ranking

We will admit that we didn't immediately think of Denmark when considering the best nations of the decade... but when you look at the data, you can't deny Denmark has done incredibly well. In the Grand Final 80% of the time, the nation captured it's third title in 2013 with 'Only Teardrops' and made the Top 10 five times including three Top 5 appearances.

It is a story of two halves however.... with a bulk of their good results coming in the 2010-2014 period while in the last five years the country has struggled a little. Two solid results in 2018 (9th with Higher Ground) and 2019 (12th with 'Love is Forever') will give the nation hope going into the 2020s.

5. Ukraine

Ranked: 5th in Total Points; 5th in Average Points; 5th in Average Ranking

Ukraine backed up their incredible 2000s with another strong showing in this decade. The country secured their second Eurovision victory in 2016 with Jamala's emotional entry '1944' and they also made another Top 3 with a 3rd place for Zlata's 'Gravity' in 2013. All up they made the Top 10 five times out of their eight appearances and qualified for the final 100% of the time. An incredibly strong record.

The decade will also be remembered for the political drama surrounding the nation during the contest. From pulling out in 2015 due to the armed conflict, to winning with a pointed political song in 2016, the refusal of Russia's entrant into the country in 2017 and then finally the withdrawal of Maruv in 2019 after questions over the Crimea territory between Ukraine and Russia. The nation will be hoping to avoid further troubles and have another successful decade ahead.

4. Azerbaijan

Ranked: 4th in Total Points; 6th in Average Points; 6th in Average Rank

Azerbaijan were the best Eurovision nation from 2010 - 2013. Their much wanted win came in 2011 with 'Running Scared' while in the other year's they had a 2nd with 'Hold Me', a 4th with 'When the Music Dies' when hosting and a 5th with 'Drip Drop' in 2010.

Since 2013 however they have struggled, for five years straight they didn't make the Top 10 and had their first non-qualifier in 2018. Although the results were still good, they weren't up to the ambitions of the Eastern nation. It was promising to see them bounce back with their fifth Top 10 result of the decade with 'Truth' finishing 8th in Tel Aviv. The country is building once again and will be after a second victory in the next decade.

3. Italy

Ranked: 3rd in Total Points; 3rd in Average points; 2nd in Average Ranking

Well after sitting out of the 2000s, Italy came back to the contest this decade with a bang. Their 2010s were book-ended with two second places - 2011 with the surprise packet 'Madness of Love' and 2019 with Mahmood's 'Soldi'. In between the two saw others Top 5s with 'Grande Amore' finishing 3rd in 2015 and 'Non mi avete fatto niente' finishing 5th in 2018. All up Italy made the Top 10 SEVEN times in nine years. An incredible record.

This amazing achievement and their consistency puts them third for us this decade despite not winning the contest. Something that is surely not far off for the Eurovision powerhouse.

2. Russia

Ranked: 2nd in Total Points; 2nd in Average Points; 4th in Average Rank

Oh those Russians! They wanted a win in the 2010s so badly didn't they? Unfortunately for them they didn't get that elusive victory but had an impressive four Top 3 places. Their two runner-ups were 'A Million Voices' in 2015 and 'Party for Everybody' in 2012. Their best chance was arguably 'You Are the Only One' which finished 3rd in 2016 despite comfortably winning the televote and Sergey Lazarev returned this year for another 3rd place. All up they had six Top 10s with 'Shine' and 'What If' rounding up an impressive list of entries.

Controversy surrounded Russia this decade, the armed conflict with Ukraine played out in drama on the Eurovision stage, anti-LGBT legislation followed them with entries regularly booed at the contest (which required the addition of anti-booing technology) and of course the Russians themselves have accused juries of bias against them. Regardless it seems a matter of 'when' not 'if' Russia will take out their second title.

1. Sweden

Ranked: 1st in Total Points; 1st in Average Points; 1st in Average Rank

Sweden were without doubt THE nation of the 2010s. Two victories with 'Euphoria' and 'Heroes', two other podium positions with 3rd to 'Undo' in 2014 and 'Popular' in 2011 and EIGHT Top 10 positions overall this decade. They also arguably had the host and interval act of the decade with Petra Meade and 'Love, Love, Peace, Peace' with 2015 winner Mans Zelmerlow.

On the slight downside they had their first ever non-qualifier in 2010 and also saw their televote start to drop off in recent years. Do Europeans (and Australians) have Sweden fatigue? Are they set for an Ireland like downfall...? Unlikely with the behemoth that is Melodifestivalen. but their current approach will make it difficult for them to get the seventh victory they need (and want) to match Eurovision title leaders Ireland.

So that's our top 10 based on their numbers, do you agree? Let us know. Also special mention to Belgium (four Top 10s) and Austria (1st and a 3rd) who were probably the next best nations on the list.

We will release full rankings of the 46 songs by Total Points, Average Points and Average Ranking soon.


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