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Tips if you missed out on Eurovision 2024 tickets

Yesterday, tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö went on sale.

The virtual queue numbered into the hundreds of thousands with many waiting for hours to only be met with no tickets available.

It's left fans frustrated, flummoxed and furious.

But never fear, the Aussievision team has put our collective minds and experience together to offer our tips on what to do now.

Don't buy overpriced tickets on unofficial resale sites

With minutes of tickets going on sale, they started appearing on sites like Viagogo. Sites like this mark up the price dramatically (current Grand Final live tickets are well over AUD $1,000.) Not only are tickets overpriced, they are not guaranteed. There are countless horror stories of tickets never arriving, being duplicated or being fake. Additionally, checks may take place to check names of tickets so if it's not you, you may have an issue.

Wait until more tickets are released

There has always been a second release of Eurovision tickets and it's well worth holding out for the next round of tickets. Many people may not try again and you can pick up the tickets you want. Speaking from experience, I was desperate for semi-final live tickets to see Australia and in the second round of tickets, I easily got them.

Don't try for the Grand Final live show

A Eurovision Grand Final live show is the ultimate bucket list item.... and that is why it's so popular! They are the hardest tickets to get, so if you've missed out, perhaps try other options. The Grand Final jury show lets you see the whole show with half the scores up for grabs. All jury shows, live semi-finals and family shows are amazing to see in the stadium and you will still get an incredible fan experience of being at Euroivison

Use official resale sites

Tickets can be officially resold on Ticketmaster. This is people who have purchased tickets and have decided not to use them and can resell them. These become available at regular intervals throughout the build-up to the Contest. One time to watch is after the semi-final draw which is expected in January. Many people may not have tickets to the semi-final they want and could sell them. Additionally, people drop out for various reasons and they always pop up.

Aussievision team member Laura managed to get live show tickets this way in 2023, she told us:

"Despite being unsuccessful in the general sale for live show tickets in Liverpool, I got tickets for all three live shows in the official resales. I didn’t end up getting a ticket for the live final until the day before the show!"

Team up

If you can team up with other fans wanting to go (particularly in different time zones). You can share the load of checking resale sites or when the next round of tickets is released. If one of you succeeds then all of you may get tickets.

Don't cancel your trip

The main thing is not to panic. Eurovision is a week-long celebration of parties, an amazing atmosphere in the host city and lots of events in the village. Tickets will be available right up to the day of the show. You just need patience and perseverance. If you don't get the ideal live Grand Final ticket, watch it in the village with thousands of fans and enjoy any show you do get tickets for!

Plan for the future

One way you have a better chance of getting tickets is by joining your national fan club through OGAE. As OGAE fan club members have a separate ballot and have a much better chance of getting tickets. This won't get your 2024 tickets but will help you for contests beyond and they always have useful tips plus great events and like-minded people to share your passion with. You can join OGAE Australia here.

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Michael Jones
Michael Jones
Jun 12

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