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The spokespersons for Eurovision 2022

After the music has finished and the votes are counted, the most suspenseful part of the Eurovision Song Contest begins - the results!

The hosts in Turin will commence the live cross-overs to each of the voting countries to receive their jury votes, and sometimes the process can be quite the ride.

Below is a list of notable spokespersons for Eurovision 2022:


Source: Eurovision Albania

Andre Xhahu will once again be the spokesperson for Albania. If you think his face is familiar you would be correct as he has revealed the Albanian votes since 2012. Xhahu is also the Albanian commentator and is said to be one of the longest serving commentators in the contest. In his home country of Albania, Xhahu is a radio and television host and has also been a journalist.


Image Credit: Joseph Sinclair

None other than the fabulous Courtney Act will be the spokesperson for the Australian jury this year. Very much a household name here in Australia, Act also has her own Eurovision connections as she competed in the very first Australia Decides back in 2019 with 'Fight For Love' which finished in 4th place. You can read more about her here.


Austria has chosen Philipp Hansa to be their spokesperson this year to read the Austrian jury votes in Turin. In Austria, Hansa is a presenter on radio station Hitradio Ö3 and has also dabbled in some acting in independent films. Hansa was also the jury spokesperson for Austria in 2019 and 2021.


Narmin Salmanova will be the Azerbaijani spokesperson this year for the jury votes in Turin. In Azerbaijan, Salmanova is best known in her home country as a TV presenter that reads the 9pm news.


This year's Belgian jury votes will be presented by David Jeanmotte, and this is not the first time for Jeanmotte as he was the Belgian spokesperson in 2019. The colourful stylist and TV star is best known in Belgium for his makeover show 'Relooker' which he has been a host of since 2003. Jeanmotte is also a panellist on the talk-show 'Le Grand Cactus'.


Janan Dural has been announced as the spokesperson to present the Bulgarian votes out at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Dural is best known in Bulgaria as a journalist and also as TV presenter of BNT News.

Czech Republic

This year the Czech Republic will once again use Taťána Kuchařová as their jury spokesperson. This is the second year that Kuchařová has done this role for country. Kuchařová is an actress, dancer, model and in 2006 took out the title of Miss World.


Tanel Padar will be the jury spokesperson for Estonia this year. Padar is Eurovision royalty after giving Estonia its first Eurovision win back in 2001 with Dave Benton and 2XL with 'Everybody'. Padar was also used as one of this year's Eesti Laul quarter-final hosts.


Finland have announced their 2022 spokesperson as Askel Kankaaranta. Kankaaranta was the winner of the Finnish national final UMK in 2020 but never got to compete in Rotterdam 2021 because of the cancellation. Kankaaranta's song 2021 was 'Looking Back'. Aksel Kankaanranta also competed in the following year's UMK, finishing 5th.



TV presenter and radio host Élodie Gossuin will be this year's spokesperson for France. Rising to fame back in 2001 as Miss France and then Miss Europe, Gossuin is another presenter that

is no stranger to Eurovision. She was the spokesperson for France in 2017, 2018 and 2019, a jury member in 2021 for the French National Final and co-presented the Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year.


Helen Kalandadze has been chosen as the Georgian jury vote representative this year. TV presenter and a singer, Kalandadze has also been a backing singer at Eurovision for Georgia (2010), co-hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Georgia (2017) as well as commentating in her home country on both the Junior and Eurovision Song Contest.


Stefania will be the spokesperson for Greece this year. Stefania represented Greece at the 2021 Contest in Rotterdam with 'Last Dance', finishing in 10th place and giving Greece their best result in many years. Stefania was also set to represent Greece the year before at the 2020 Contest which was sadly cancelled.


Árný Fjóla Ásmundsdóttir, member of last year's Icelandic act Gagnamagnið (and wife of Dadi Daði Freyr) will be Iceland's spokesperson in 2022. Another act from 2020/2021 Eurovisions, Daði og Gagnamagnið finished in an amazing 4th place in 2021 with '10 Years'. In Rotterdam, the group were unable to perform live at the semi-final and Grand Final due to a group member testing positive to COVID-19 so rehearsal footage was used instead (and it did no harm!).


Winner of the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest, Linda Martin, will be the spokesperson for Ireland this year. Linda won with 'Why Me' (penned by Johnny Logan). This was not her first Eurovision, as in 1984 she also represented Ireland, finishing in 2nd place. Martin was also the spokesperson for Ireland back in 2007.


Daniel Styopin has been chosen this year as the spokesperson to read out the jury votes from Israel. Styopin who was born in Ukraine, is an actor in Israel and has had roles in both television and theatre.


Carolina Di Domenico who is part of the Italian commentating team at this year's event will also be the jury spokesperson for Italy. Di Domenico is a TV presenter and last year she also presented the jury results for Italy. Di Domenico will also be part of the events on the turquoise carpet for this year's event.


Another 2021 entrant, Vaidotas Valiukevičius (the Roop) will be the Lithuanian jury spokesperson at this year's Contest. The Roop competed in 2021 with 'Discotheque' which finished in 8th place, giving Lithuania's best result since 2006. The Roop were also to be the Lithuanian entry for the cancelled 2020 Contest with 'On Fire'.


Visual artist Zombijana Bones (real name Andrijana Vešović) will be the Montenegrin spokesperson at the 2022 Contest. Bones announced this on 23 April via a video including an illustration of herself on her Instagram page. Bones has sent her thanks to the Montenegrin 2022 representative Vladana for starting the idea of her doing this role.


Jeangu Macrooy has been chosen as the Dutch jury spokesperson this year. You will remember that Macrooy represented Netherlands in Rotterdam in 2021 with 'Birth of a New Age'. Macrooy was also meant to represent his country the year before with 'Grow' but as we know the contest was cancelled.

North Macedonia

Jana Burčeska will be the North Macedonian jury spokesperson this year. Burčeska also did this role back in 2018. Burčeska's represented North Macedonia in 2017 with her song 'Dance Alone'.


Pedro Tatanka has been chosen as the Portuguese spokesperson this year. Tatanka is the lead singer of last year's Portuguese act, the Black Mamba. 'Love is on my Side' is the first English language song that had been sent by Portugal, and the Black Mamba ended up finishing in 12th position at Rotterdam in 2021.


This year Serbia will use journalise and television host Dragana Kosjerina as their jury spokesperson. Kosjerina has previously been the spokesperson for Serbia in 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2021. Also, Kosjerina has been the host of Serbian national selections in 2015 and from 2018 to 2022.


Lorella Flego will be the Slovenian spokesperson this year at the 2022 Contest. Flego is a TV presenter (born to Italian parents) and has previously been the spokesperson for Slovenia at the 2012 and 2021 Contest. She has also been a co-host at the Slovenian national selection in 2008 and 2010.


Source: RTVE

Former model turned TV presenter and fashion icon, Nieves Álvarez will once again be the Spanish spokesperson at the Contest. Álvarez has undertaken this important duty since 2017. This year the jury votes will be delivered from the city of Benidorm, where the Spanish national final was held this year.


Melodifestivalen royalty Dotter will this year deliver the Swedish jury vote. Dotter has competed at Melodifestivalen in 2018, 2020 and 2021 and has also written songs for other artists. In 2020, Dotter came oh-so-close and second to the Mamas with her song 'Bulletproof'. This year she has a connection to the Maltese entrant Emma Muscat as she sung backing vocals on the studio recording of 'I am What I am'.


Swiss musician Julie Berthollet will be the spokesperson this year for the Swiss jury. Julie is a violinist in a duo with her sister Camille who plays the cello, and they together have released several albums. Julie has been playing the violin since she was two years old.

United Kingdom

AJ Odudu will be the United Kingdom's spokesperson for the jury votes this year in Turin. Odudu is a journalist and TV presenter and has hosted reality shows such as Big Brother and Married at First Sight. This year for something different, BBC will be announcing the jury votes from Manchester instead of London.


Kateryna Pavlenko from last year's Ukrainian act (Go-A) will be the spokesperson for Ukraine. Pavlenko needs no introduction after her group techno-folk group Go-A finished in 5th place in Rotterdam with their now iconic song 'Shum'. Go-A was another act that was to compete at the cancelled 2020 Contest, and was internally selected for 2021.

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