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The Black Mamba will represent Portugal at Eurovision 2021 with 'Love is On My Side'

The Black Mamba have won Portugal's Festival da Canção and will represent Portugal at Eurovision 2021.

Their English language song 'Love is On My Side' finished 2nd with the public and juries to win on countback over Carolina Deslandes.

This will be Portugal's first ever English only song at Eurovision.

Both The Black Mamba and Carolina finished on 20 points but with the group receiving more public votes they won on countback.

The band formed in 2010 and have released three studio albums together. They have also toured Portugal, London, Philadelphia, Luanda, Madrid, Seville, and Brazil.

Portugal won Eurovision in 2017 but has struggled since finishing last in 2018 and not qualifying in 2019.

They will be hoping to end this streak in 2021 with The Black Mamba.


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