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Silia Kapsis to fly flag for Australia in Eurovision 2024 Grand Final

Image Source: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

This morning saw Electric Fields compete for Australia in the first semi-final of Eurovision 2024.

Sadly it wasn't to be with the act missing out on the Grand Final.

However, all is not lost as Australian singer Silia Kapsis qualified to the final for Cyprus with 'Liar'.

Silia spoke to Aussievision at the artist press conference after the show about being the only Aussie in the Grand Final and Electric Fields' non-qualification:

"(Electric Fields are) beautiful people and they're super talented and they're absolutely amazing", she said.

"They showed culture and that's the most important thing about Eurovision...but other than that I hope I made Australia proud as well!"

Also at the press conference, Silia acknowledged the importance of competing at Eurovision at such a young age.

"It's a huge opportunity for me especially cause I am 17 and I'm representing my country and my culture and I'm super proud and I'm super privileged."

And how does Silia feel about performing in Saturday's Grand Final?

"I hope I do well in the Grand Final. I will try my best obviously and my goal is just to make my country proud...that is the most important thing to me."

In another chat with the press, Silia revealed she would be celebrating the win with a Tim Tam.

"I'm going to have Tim Tams, I got a packet, so I'm going to have that, that's for sure."

Silia will perform in the second half of Saturday's Grand Final with the final running order to be determined after Thursday's second semi-final.

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