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Cyprus at Eurovision 2024: Getting to know Australia's Silia Kapsis

When Electric Fields compete at next month's Eurovision Song Contest, they won't be the only Australians hitting the stage. For the second year in a row, Cyprus will also be represented by an Australian artist.

17 year old Silia Kapsis from Sydney is following in the footsteps of Andrew Lambrou to represent Cyprus in 2024 with her song 'Liar'.

Who is Silia Kapsis?

With a Cypriot father and Greek mother, Silia (Vasiliki) has been singing, dancing and acting since the age of 4 and was lead singer for the Australian Youth Performing Arts Company.

She wrote and composed her first song 'Who Am I?' at 12, which was released as her first single three years later. 2023 saw her release three more singles, 'No Boys Allowed', 'Disco Dancer' and 'Night Out'.

Kapsis made her acting debut as the lead character in the 2022 short film 'Pearly Gates' and has worked on various television projects for Australian Nickelodeon, appearing as a regular host on the local version of Nick News. Along with the other hosts, she was nominated for Aussie/Kiwi Legend of the Year at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in 2023.

She was also selected for the ImmaBeast Dance Company in Los Angeles , as well as working with Stephen "tWitch" Boss on 'The Jennifer Hudson Show' and featuring in a dance documentary produced by rapper Taboo.

Image Source: Nickelodeon Australia

How did Silia come to represent Cyprus at Eurovision?

Silia was holidaying with her family in Greece last year when she was asked to listen to demo versions of three songs and choose one to record for use in a project... possibly Eurovision.

She selected and re-recorded 'Liar', unaware at the time of which country it was being considered to represent.

Speaking about her choice of song, Silia told 'The Eurotrip Podcast':

"Liar stood out for's not about a person...not someone being a liar. (It's about) all those stereotypes that we live in in this generation...about breaking free out of those stereotypes and expressing the truth. I love's dancy and poppy and makes me want to get up and dance and I hope it does with everyone else."

In late September Silia's mother took a call in Australia in the middle of the night to advise that Silia would be representing Cyprus with the song.... just two days before the news was announced publicly! A music video was filmed in early February with 'Liar' released later that month.

Silia, who will be the youngest competitor in Malmö, trains in singing and dancing in Los Angeles and sets aside one day each week to complete her schooling online.

Recently she met up with Australian Andrew Lambrou who represented Cyprus at Eurovision in 2023. Silia told 'The Official Eurovision Song Podcast':

"We live five minutes away from each other which is crazy! It was cool...we met, he did tell me a few tips, a few tricks, like basically the whole experience...he's super cool...he is amazing, he's like a big brother actually!

Image Source: Eurovision/X

What was Silia's first Eurovision memory?

Silia was just 11 years old when she first remembers watching Eurovision in 2018, the year that Cyprus' Eleni Foureira came runner-up with 'Fuego'. She told 'The Eurotrip Podcast' it was her favourite act:

"I actually stood up and was dancing next to the tv with the remote in my hand pretending it was a microphone and my grandma was watching me and laughing and she said "Silia one day you'll be on that stage"...and now I'm literally representing Cyprus and going to 17 years's amazing!

Silia's hopes for Eurovision

Silia is well aware of what a huge opportunity it is to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest at such a young age and is excited to perform to such a huge audience.

Silia performing 'Liar' live at Eurovision in Concert 2024 on 13 April in Amsterdam. Image Source: YouTube//Danny Versluis

She told 'The Eurotrip Podcast' she is not concerned so much about where she places but about doing her best:

It's about representing your country and making them proud...if you did your best that's all you can ask for and if you made your country proud then that's also all you can ask for...and I just really do hope I make Cyprus proud, and Australia and Greece...everyone!"

Silia will open Semi Final 1 of the Eurovision Song Contest for Cyprus with 'Liar' on 7th May. Australians will be able to vote for Cyprus as Australia is also competing in this semi-final.

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