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San Marino: 'Una Voce per San Marino' 2022 Grand Final preview

Grand Final to be hosted by Eurovision star Senhit (shown in centre) and presenter Jonathan Kashanian.

The Grand Final of San Marino's national final, 'Una Voce per San Marino' (One Voice for San Marino) will be held on February 19 (February 20 in Australia).

To get to the Grand Final, San Marino have ran a rather rigorous selection process!

Nine emerging artists have made it through to the Grand Final and will be joined by nine established artists from Italy and San Marino.

Let's have a look at the 18 artists set to compete:

Emerging artists

  1. Mary Claire - 'Tiramisù' (Italy)

  2. Alessia Labate - 'World Falls Down' (Italy)

  3. Aaron Sibley - 'Pressure' (United Kingdom)

  4. Camille Cabaltera - 'Move 'Em Like You Never Did' (Italy)

  5. Elena & Francesco Faggi - 'Nothing Can Blow Me Out' (Italy)

  6. Kurt Cassar - 'Tears of Gold' (Malta)

  7. Mate - 'DNA' (Italy)

  8. Basti - ' Running' (Germany)

  9. Vina Rose - 'Sweet Denial' (Italy)

Established artists

  1. Achille Lauro - 'Stripper'

  2. Alessandra Coli and DJ Burak Yeter - 'More Than You'

  3. Cristina Ramos - 'Heartless Game'

  4. Francesco Monte - 'Mi ricordo di te (Adrenalina)'

  5. Ivana Spagna - 'Seriously in Love'

  6. Matteo Faustini - 'L'ultima parola'

  7. Tony Cicco & Deshedus & Alberto Fortis - 'Sono un uomo'

  8. Valerio Scanu - 'Io credo'

  9. Fabry & Labiuse feat. Miodio - 'Blu'

* Artist Blind has withdrawn from the competition.

There are a couple familiar names competing in the Grand Final!

Achille Lauro is fresh off the Sanremo stage where he competed with the song 'Domenica' where he was joined by the Harlem Gospel Choir from the US. The Italian singer/rapper often performs in some outlandish outfits so he will be one to watch for sure.

Sammarinese artist Miodio will be returning for a second shot at representing San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest. Miodio was the micro-nation's first ever representative back in 2008 with the song 'Complice'.

'Una Voce per San Marino' will be held at the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana. It will be hosted by Jonathan Kashanian and the amazing Freaky Queen, Senhit (San Marino Eurovision representative 2021 and 2011).

Voting will 100% jury vote. The jury includes Mogol (President of the Jury), Dino Stewart (Managing Director at BMG Italy), Susanne Georgi (singer at Eurovision 2009 for Andorra), Simon Lee (conductor, composer, arranger) and Clarissa Martinelli (presenter at Radio Bruno).

Al Bano has been announced as a guest performer. He represented Italy at Eurovision back in 1976 and 1985.

How to watch

'Una Voce per San Marino' 2022 will take place on the morning of Sunday February 20 (Australian time) and can be watched via the San Marino TV website:

The show will begin at:

  • 9.00pm, February 19, Central European Time

  • 5.00am (WA) February 20

  • 5.30am (NT) February 20

  • 6.00am AEST (QLD) February 20

  • 6.30am (SA) February 20

  • 7.00am AEDT (ACT, NSW, TAS, VIC) February 20

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