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San Marino: 'Una Voce Per San Marino' Emerging Artists results

The Emerging Artists part of San Marino's national final, 'Una Voce per San Marino' (One Voice for San Marino) took place over the week. It consisted of no less than six rounds of semi-finals, a second chance shows and a final. During these rounds nine artists were ultimately selected. They will compete with ten other established artists in a spectacular Grand Final on February 19!

The competition was structured as follows:

  • Semi-final 1 (aired February 13) 17 International artists competed

  • Semi-final 2 (aired February 14) 20 International artists competed

  • Semi-final 3 (aired February 15) 19 International artists competed

Each of the semi-finals saw the top 3 go through to the Emerging Acts Final and five artists put into the Second Chance Round.

  • Sammarinese artists final (February 16) six Sammarinese artists competed

Of the 6 Sanmarinese artists, only the top 3 went through to the Emerging Artists Final.

  • Second Chance Round (February 17) 15 selected artists from the semi-final rounds competed - five were selected to compete in the Emerging Acts Final

Stay with us, we are almost there...

  • Emerging Acts Final (February 18) 17 qualifying acts from the previous shows competed for nine spots in the Grand Final who will compete with 10 pre-chosen established artists.

Now let's check out the results!

Semi-final 1 results

The following international acts made it through to the Emerging Acts Final.

Aaron Sibley - 'Pressure' (UK)

Aaron is a London based singer who has previously performed at London Pride. Keen Eurovision fans might just recognise him from the 2018 Moldovan national final where he placed 6th with his duet with Sandy C, 'Once Upon a Time'.

Aaron's music is raw, personal and from the heart. He describes himself as honest, open, sensitive, motivated and hardworking. "I like to think that (his music) could resonate with an audience and that they can take something away from it that is unique" (The Gay UK).

Camille Cabaltera - 'Move Em Like You Never Did' (Italy)

Originally from the Philippines, Camille Cabaltera moved to Italy when she was 8 years old. Her first big break was as one the top 12 on X Factor Italy in 2017. In 2021 Camille provided vocals for the Italian dub of the Disney movie 'Raya and the Last Dragon'.

Elena & Francesco Faggi - 'Nothin’ can blow me out' (Italy)

Relative newcomers Elena and Francesco Faggi are a brother and sister act who won the Golden Buzzer at Italia's got talent 2017. They also previously competed in in the New Artists section of San Remo 2021.

The following acts qualified for the Second Chance semi-final:

  • Alessia Labate - 'World Falls Down' (Italy)

  • Anna Faragò - 'Randagia' (Italy)

  • Isa J - 'Tic Tac' (Italy)

  • Frio - 'A Noite Toda' (Italy)

  • Eliška Mrázová - 'Imma Be' (Czech Republic)

Semi-final 2 results

The following international acts made it through to the Emerging Acts Final:

Katrin Roselli - 'If You Love Me' (Italy)

Katrin Roselli is also known by her stage name Artika. She is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter with an electro pop style. Katrin has a solid musical competition background, competing in the youth section of the 2018 Festival Show in Italy. She also placed 2nd at the 2021 edition of the 'Volavoce Accademia Musicale Festival'.

Kurt Cassar - 'Tears of Gold' (Malta)

Great to see a Maltese entry here mixing things up! Kurt Cassar has long had his sights set on the Eurovision stage, making the shortlist for the 2014, 2015 and 2018 Maltese national selections. He also provided backing vocals to Emelie de Forrest at the opening of the 2014 Eurovision Grand Final in Copenhagen.

Lorenza Rocchiccioli - 'Non Mi batte Mai Neanche Il Cuore' (Italy)

Lorenza "lives for the show" and competed in Sanremo Junior in 2015. She is developing a strong Spotify presence and her most recent single 'Fuoco E Neve' has over 70k streams.

The following acts qualified for the Second Chance semi-final:

  • Giada Varaschin - 'W.A.T (What A Tragedy)' (Italy)

  • Gisele Abramoff - 'Higher Than Before' (Brazil)

  • Kumi Watanabe - 'Freedom' (Italy)

  • Mad - 'Gitana' (Italy)

  • Maria Chiara Leoni - 'Tiramisù' (Italy)

In this semi-final Melbourne-born, London-based singer Jessica Condon competed with the song 'Water On The Ground'. She was unfortunately eliminated.

Semi-final 3 results

The following international acts made it through to the Emerging Acts Final:

Mate - 'DNA' (Italy)

Mate, birth name Mariateresa Amato, has a classical music background, studying opera from age 13. Somewhat of a TV singing competition trailblazer, Mate competed on the first seasons of both Italian X Factor and The Voice Italy.

Raimondo Cataldo - 'Feelin' Broken' (Italy)

Raimondo Cataldo's hit the stage in 2018 when he appeared on the fifth season of The Voice Italy. He then went on to make the long list for Sanremo Giovannini 2016 with the song 'Pace'. In 2019 he was a semi-finalist at Sanremo Giovanni with his song 'Labyrinth'.

Vina Rose - 'Sweet Denial' (Italy)

Vina Rose describes herself as a charismatic, contemporary singer who specialises in a variety of styles from alternative pop, soul and soft rock. She is an Italian, currently living in the UK. Vina Rose has some serious singing chops as a former backing singer for Andrea Bocelli. She has appeared on various TV shows such as 'MTV Unplugged' and 'Dancing with the Stars'. Vina is no amateur to music competitions, finishing in the top 10 at the Sanremo Rock & Trend Festival in 2021.

The following acts qualified for the Second Chance semi-final:

  • Martina Gaetano - 'Coffee' (Italy)

  • Nada & Sissi - 'Malware' (Italy)

  • Sebastian Schmidt - 'Running' (Germany)

  • Snei Ap - 'Viaggio' (Italy)

  • Vanja Vatle - 'Hymn of Hope' (Norway)

Sammarinese artists final results

Three out of the six Sanmarinese acts were selected to move on to the final.

Here are our qualifiers:

Giulia Vitri - 'Father and Son'

Giulia is very much influenced by music in the style of Amy Winehouse. She has participated in X Factor and the Tour Music Fest. Her performance on the night was understated and raw.

Giada Pintori - 'Luce e Tenebre'

Giada Pintori has a strong musical background having studied music, released two of her own singles and performed as a backing singer for Italian rock band Pagina. Giada is really one to watch. Her performance was the stand out on the night, a song that packed an emotional punch, accompanied beautifully by the piano.

Garon X Duan - 'Power'

Garon X Duan are an alternative pop duo who are influenced by hip hop and R&B. They have been performing together since 2018.

Second Chance Round results

Five Second Chance artists were given a pass to the Emerging Acts Final.

The five qualifying artists were:

Mary Claire (Maria Chiara Leoni) - 'Tiramisù' (Italy)

Alessia Labate - 'World Falls Down' (Italy)

Basti (Sebastian Schmidt) - 'Running' (Germany)

Frio - 'A Noite Toda' (Italy)

Kumi Watanabe - 'Freedom' (Italy)

Emerging Acts Final results

In the final round 17 of the qualifying acts from the previous five shows competed for nine spots in the 'Una Voce Per San Marino' Grand Final.

The results were:

Qualifying acts

1. Aaron Sibley - 'Pressure' - 46 points

2. Camille Cabaltera - 'Move 'Em Like You Never Did' - 44 points

3. Basti - 'Running' - 44 points

4. Vina Rose - 'Sweet Denial' - 43 points

5. Alessia Labate - 'World Falls Down' - 42 points

6. Maria Chiara Leoni - 'Tiramisù' - 42 points

7. Kurt Cassar - 'Tears Of Gold' - 41 points

8. Elena & Francesco Faggi - 'Nothing Can Blow Me Out' - 40 points

9. Mate - 'DNA' - 40 points

Unfortunately the following acts didn't qualify for the Final:

  • Frio - 'A noite toda'

  • Garon X Duan - 'Power'

  • Giada Pintori - 'Luce E Tenebre'

  • Giulia Vitri - 'Father And Son'

  • Katrin Roselli - 'If You Love Me'

  • Kumi Watanabe - 'Freedom'

  • Lorenza Rocchiccioli - 'Non Mi Batte Mai Neanche Il Cuore'

  • Raimondo Cataldo - 'Feelin' Broken'

There you have it the nine qualifying acts that will join the 10 big acts in the 'Una Voce per San Marino' 2022 Final!

The Final will take place on February 19 (the morning of Sunday February 20 in Australia). You can watch it on via the San Marino TV website here.

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