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Review: 'Olgavision Therapy + Eurovision' at Melbourne Fringe Festival

Olga Loitsenko / Facebook

Olga Loitsenko has a lot of feelings. Her show 'Olgavision - Therapy + Eurovision' features anecdotes marking key moments in the comedian's life, from her birth in Soviet Estonia, to her European escapades as an exchange student and brushes with Estonian Eurovision fame. Olga expresses her gratitude for having been able to come to Australia and talk about mental health on stage.

"Estonians don't tend to express our feelings [...] but we feel them on the inside."

Watching Eurovision, Olga notes, was the one time of year where she felt she could outwardly articulate her feelings, distilling the Eurovision experience into a form of group therapy for herself and the audience. 'Olgavision' is a show about expressing emotions - whether it's through stories, imagining oneself in a Netflix special, or breaking out into song and dance.

Olga juxtaposes her heartfelt, intimate, and at times dark personal journeys with the light, enthusiasm, and entertaining moments that Eurovision fans love about Europe's favourite music competition. You don't need to be able to point to Estonia on a map or have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Eurovision to understand what's going on - newcomers and die-hard Eurofans alike are in for a treat as Olga transitions seamlessly from cathartic storytelling to becoming a one-woman singing and dancing extravaganza, with plenty of laughter to be had along the way.

Eurovision lovers will appreciate her comedic take on Eurovision hits such as 2010 winner Lena's 'Satellite' and 'Attention' by Ulrikke, Norway's 2020 entry to the Contest.

The resulting experience, delivered with boundless energy and with plenty of heart, is "so douze points".

If there is one piece of advice that is essential for those coming to the show, it is, in the words of Måns and Petra Mede in 'Love Love, Peace Peace': "don't hold back".

We recommend that you bring your own flag for the full 'Olgavision' experience.

Olgavision is playing at Club Voltaire for the Melbourne Fringe Festival until Saturday 22 October.

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