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Olga Loitsenko combines therapy and Eurovision for her new comedy show 'Olgavision'

Olga Loitsenko / Facebook

Olga Loitsenko came from Estonia to Australia to pursue her dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.

Olga has combined therapy and her love of Eurovision into a new comedy show called 'Olgavision'. She will be performing at the Melbourne Fringe Festival throughout October.

We spoke to Olga ahead of her first show about 'Olgavision' and her love for Eurovision:

Thank you so much Olga for speaking to Aussievision today.

Thank you so much for speaking to me Aussievision. It’s an honour.

You are currently performing at the Melbourne Fringe with your show, ‘Olgavision’! You have described your show as ‘Therapy + Eurovision = Olgavision’! We are so intrigued! What can audiences expect from your show?

The audiences can expect Eurovision songs, some cheeky jokes and potentially feelings, if not mine then at least theirs. It’s a guaranteed fun time with a lot of heart in it. My therapist gave it a green light.

So, you are originally from Estonia and have moved to Melbourne to become a stand-up comedian. What has it been like in Australia? Was it what you expected?

Doing stand-up in Australia has been truly wonderful and freeing. I mean, I’m doing a comedy show where I talk about therapy and sing Eurovision songs. I feel like back home I would’ve been too scared to do something like this. Or it would’ve taken me more time to get to this point. That’s what surprised me the most about comedy in Australia, in Melbourne at least, the comedians talk about therapy and mental health on stage - this doesn’t happen in Estonian comedy. Or at least, in 2019 it didn’t. Maybe things have changed by now. I unfortunately don’t know because I haven’t been back home for 3 years.

We have got to ask you about Estonia at Eurovision. They have been at Eurovision for several decades now and even secured a win in 2001! Do you feel a bigger sense of pride barracking for Estonia at Eurovision, now that you live in Australia?

First of all, I could talk endlessly about Estonia at Eurovision so I’ll try to do it as shortly as possible. I feel super proud of Tanel and Dave for winning for us. I’ll never forget how they were announcing those douze points and every time the camera showed the Estonian delegation, they would have more beers around them. No one expected us to win, including us, we always go to competitions for the experience or having fun and not to actually win. And winning Eurovision was big for us because we were seen as this post-Soviet country so it was our opportunity to show that we’re more than that. So yes, I’m super proud to be barracking for my lovely Estonia at Eurovision.

What is your favourite Estonian Eurovision entry and why?

I have to say, that my favourite entry that ticks all the boxes is ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’ by Stig Rästa and Elina Born. The song, the production of the performance and Stig with no emotions and Elina with her tears, it was just so beautifully done. However, ‘Once in a Lifetime’ by Ines will always be my main Eurovision karaoke song to sing. I just loved it. I used to make my neighbours go crazy when I’d sing this song on loop. And for Estonians, in general, I feel like ‘Kaelakee hääl, has a very special place in our hearts together with ‘Everybody’.

Which Eurovision entry best describes your personality?

The Eurovision entry that describes my personality best is ‘Dancing Lasha Tumbai’ by Verka Serduchka. On the surface this song and performance looks silly and a bit insane but it has a much deeper meaning, like me.

What do you think about Australia at Eurovision? Do you have a favourite Australian entry?

I was surprised like everyone else when it was announced that Australia is going to compete in Eurovision but now I can’t imagine Eurovision without Australia. I was really scared in 2016 that Dami Im would win and we would have to watch Eurovision at some ungodly hour. I didn’t know at the time that you won’t be able to host in Australia if you won, sorry for that. It was such a banger though. Dami Im’s ‘Sound of Silence’ is definitely my favourite but I listened to Jessica Mauboy’s ‘We Got Love’ recently and then watched the Eurovision performance again and we did Jessica dirty in Europe. We should’ve given her more points.

Thank you so much Olga for talking to us! All the best with ‘Olgavision’ we hope you have a great time at the Melbourne Fringe!

Get all the details for 'Olgavision' below:

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