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Rein Alexander wins Norway East Melodi Grand Prix semi final

The second semi final of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix is complete and the winner is Rein Alexander with 'One Last Time'.

In the Eastern Norway semi final he saw off Jaeger with 'How About Mars' in his first duel and then Kim and Maria with 'Fool for Love' in the Gold Duel.

His performance was a mix of Eurodisco and Game of Thrones/Vikings, with staging harking back to the best of the 2000s.

Fan favourite Jaeger put on a high tech performance with space themed graphics and augmented reality but many fans felt some backing dancers would have brought more to the performance.

Rein was joined on stage by a group of themed backing dancers appearing out of the smoke and even produced fire from his hand.

Also performing was the pre-qualified song 'Out of Air' from Didrik and Emil Solli-Tangen.

The brothers are automatically in the Grand Final where Rein Alexander will join them there on 15 February. The next group of artists competing in the next Melodi Grand Prix semi final will be announced Monday.


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