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Rein Alexander releases his Melodi Grand Prix entry 'Eyes Wide Open'

A fan favourite from last years Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) final returns to fight for the crown.

Rein Alexander has released his cinematic pop, rock and spoken word track 'Eyes Wide Open' that sounds almost like it belongs in a musical or as a pleasant Disney villain's song.

Alexander was one of the favourites to win Melodi Grand Prix 2020 with his viking/Game of Thrones styled epic track entitled 'One Last Time'.

Last year Alexander failed to reach the top four in the final and progress to the Gold Final duels with many blaming the online voting crash for his early exit.

49-year-old is a veteran of the music industry in Norway, having performed in choirs throughout his youth and many stage shows in his adulthood such as Les Misérables. He has also released six solo albums between 2004 and 2020.

He first broke through to the mainstream as the winner of the talent show Kjempesjansen in 2003.

Alexander is one of six acts pre-selected by the Norwegian national broadcaster to have a pass straight through to the final on February 20th without having to compete for qualification in the semi-finals.

Among the other automatic finalists for MGP this year are 'The X Factor Norway 2010' contestant Atle Pettersen with his entry 'World On Fire', The Voice 2017 contestant Kaja Rode and her song 'Feel Again', returning Eurovision fan favourites KEiiNO with 'Monument', boy band Stavangerkameratene with their song 'Barndomsgater' and songwriter of international hit 'Sweet but Psycho' TIX with his song 'Ut Av Mørket'.

Alexander will get the chance to showcase his song in Semi Final 5 which takes place on 13th February in Europe.

Competing for qualification in Semi Final 5 are the following acts:

  • Ane.Fin – 'Walking In My Sleep'

  • TuVeia – 'Bli med meg på gar’n'

  • IMERIKA – 'I Can’t Escape'

  • RIVER – 'Coming Home'

Earlier this week the Aussievision team voted on our winner, which was IMERIKA's 'I Can't Escape'.

On 15th February, there will be a second chance round where acts who failed to qualify in their original Semi Final will get one final chance to do so.


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