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  • Cooper Olsen

Norway Melodi Grand Prix Semi-Final 5 - Aussievision's winner

This weekend is the fifth and last semi-final of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix.

Earlier this week Norwegian broadcaster NRK revealed four artists and songs that would be competing and the Aussievision team have voted on our favourite entries.

The songs were released on Spotify (you can access here) and the Aussievision team each chose their favourite entries in this weekend’s semi-final.

Here are the results:

1st: IMERIKA - ‘I Can't Escape’ (9 votes)

Emma: "This well produced contemporary ballad stood out the most for me based on the raw emotion in the vocals. I would listen to this multiple times just to hear that voice. A song like this could really stand out in the final if the live performance lives up to the studio version."

Kyriakos: “A very slick and well polished contemporary ballad! IMERIKA might be singing about not being able to escape but wow this song is a breath of fresh air! I love her vocals, the lyrics and the songs build up wraps up the song nicely with a nice little bow on it.”

Hugo: “Such a radio friendly track and easy listening. Nice vocals and melody in the chorus, and some clever staging could really elevate this one. I like the momentum the song builds and then the final chorus.”

Josh: “Crisp and vulnerable vocals, this song is very jury friendly. Seems familiar yet it still manages to bring something fresh sounding to the equation. The building climax at the end of the song followed by the final broken down chorus is beautiful. This track seems like a clear winner of this Semi to me”

Steven: "What makes this song stand out for me is IMERIKA’s ability to emote through voice alone. The song also builds well, reaches its climax, and then reverts to melancholy, before ending with its title.

In summary, an interestingly constructed song performed by a vocalist with a distinct and appealing voice which could be elevated further with appropriate staging."

Wade: "It's the contemporary sounding song, and I think the most complete package of the four options. IMERIKA creates a nice atmosphere and a great build up.

I think the lyrics may be a double edged sword though, as they'll resonate with a lot of people, but may also be a bit triggering to some in the midst of a pandemic."

Ruby: "Of the lot, this stands out as a ballad, and will do so also if successful in advancing to the final. Very slick and textured, the build and final chorus make this song, and could provide an *eurovision moment*."

Guy: "The first thing that struck me on this was the great tone in IMERIKA’s voice. It’s very emotive, especially in the soft and gentle parts. From there it’s a well constructed journey, giving drama in the climax, then returning to soft and gentle for the end. It’s really well written and beautifully sung. If they nail the staging with this to accentuate the climax of the song, it will make a big impact."

Laura: "A raw and emotive ballad with plenty of dynamic piano flourishes throughout, 'I Can't Escape' certainly tugs at the heartstrings musically and lyrically. The rest of the song is fantastic, but the last minute of this song in particular is truly a masterpiece. The climax will wow audiences provided that IMERIKA pulls off the live vocal performance and the staging maximises the song's impact. If she suceeds, it could certainly be a contender to win MGP."

2nd: TuVeia - 'Bli med meg på gar’n' (3 votes)

Dale: "Really tight pick for me this week, but I had to go with TuVeia. It's infectious ridiculous rap with a pure rural feel with cows and chickens included. I have doubts about the live performance, but it's the song I keep going back to the studio on. Fun with a decent little chorus hook. Berkerk!!”

Mike: "There’s something charming about this ridiculousness. A traditional vibe added to Norwegian language rap song. Throw in some cow and chicken noises for good measure. I can’t wait to see how they stage this one."

Fleur: "Bli med meg på gar'n

Definitely not a song that I would typically go for. However, it’s the only one that I remember.

It’s pure silliness and honestly, I am looking forward to seeing the performance. It’s good to have some kookiness at MGP."

3rd: RIVER - ‘Coming Home’ (2 votes)

Cooper: "This song is clearly a standout in this semi-final. The country pop has vibes similar to a song Sheppard would put out. Catchy, an easy listen, great production, with great staging this song is really going to excel next weekend"

Ford: "A clear standout from songs that are weird or are just starting to sound too similar to songs that have taken part in the previous semifinals, Coming Home feels like a breath of fresh air into MGP. Such a simple song can have such great potential when it comes to performing on stage, and this would be a worthy contender in the MGP finale."

4th: Ane.Fin - ‘Walking In My Sleep’ (0 votes)

It seems the Aussievision team have decided Imerika is the one to beat in this semi-final. Of course it's all up to the Norwegian public to decide who gets the second last spot in the grand final.

Semi-final 5 will also see the pre-qualified act and fan favourite Rein Alexander performing his entry 'Eyes Wide Open’ which will be released on Friday.

The fifth semi-final takes place 19:50 CET Saturday 13 February which is 05:50 AEDT Sunday 14 February.

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