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New music from ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides’ artists - Courtney Act, Sheppard and more

Over the last few weeks several past ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides’ artists have released new music.

Today we go through the latest music releases from the following artists:

Vanessa Amorosi - ‘The Light’ Released: 25 May 2020

This is the final single release before Vanessa Amorosi released her new album ‘The Blacklisted Collection’ on June 26. She opened the vault to release musical archives she had written throughout her years from outside the pop genre. You can find out more about her new album release here.~ Kyriakos

Bachelor Girl - ‘Can’t Wait to Meet You (Colin Snape 2020 Breakout Remix)’

Released: 12 June 2020

Tania Doko has announced the release of a remix of one of former band Bachelor Girl’s old album tracks. 

'Can’t Wait to Meet You' featured on the band’s second album 'Dysfunctional' in 2002 but was not released as a single. Now the song has been given a new lease of life by Melbourne based musician and producer Colin Snape. With lyrics featuring the lines "Can't wait to meet you, I'm counting down the days...just killing time, can't wait to meet you”, it could be argued the timing is perfect for a world slowly coming out of post COVID-19 isolation. ~ Emma

Tania also made her music video dancing debut in the lyric video for ‘My Moon Is a Street Light’, by Mattias Lindblom & Martin Hall. She explained more about the collaboration of her socials:

“When Mattias asked me to be involved showcasing my secret guilty pleasure, unrealised career path of DANCE (trippy rave style) who was I to say no. How EPIC and apt this track is, I’m truly honoured to make a contribution….”

Courtney Act - ‘One Tonight’ (Global Pride performance)

Performed: 27 June 2020

Over the weekend Courtney Act premiered the performance of ‘One Tonight’ that is off her new EP ‘Drop of Fluid’ to be released on July 3. It is her first official music release since her ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2019’ song ‘Fight for Love’, where she finished in 4th position.

Courtney Act has stated that ‘One Tonight' is her favourite song that she has ever written or performed. “It's an anthem of unity for my queer community and our allies!” It was performed for Global Pride and will be part of her new show called ‘Fluid’. She also released tickets for her new European tour for April 2021. Click here for ticket information. ~ Kyriakos

Sheppard - ‘Symphony’ Released: 26 June 2020

‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2019’ artists Sheppard have just released their latest single ‘Symphony’. We see them return to their ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Geronimo’ sound. The song has been described by the band as “the most empowering and honest declaration of love they have ever written”. For now they have released the lyric video. The music video, to be released soon, features the Brisbane cityscape and iconic Brisbane locations. Check it out now ~ Kyriakos Tsinivits

All their new singles are available now on iTunes and Google Play and streaming on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Upcoming future releases from Australian Eurovision artists:

  • Courtney Act - ‘Drop of Fluid EP’ - July 3

  • Anja Nissen - ‘If We Only Had Tonight’ - July 3

  • Dami Im - new single - expected September


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