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Vanessa Amorosi releases her new album ‘The Blacklisted Collection’

Following her Australia Decides 2020 appearance, where she came in third place, Vanessa Amorosi has been working hard during the lockdown, releasing her sixth studio album ‘The Blacklisted Collection’. The album is a collection of some new material, as well as previously unreleased songs from the archives.

The reason that this album is called ‘The Blacklisted Collection’ is because some of these songs were “blacklisted” or rejected from previous albums in one way or another. For example, Vanessa Amorosi revealed on her Instagram that ‘Crazy Jealous’ was blacklisted because it was “not an attractive lyric for a woman to sing”.

Although Vanessa has treated avid listeners to a new single every week, five new tracks have been released today, including a stripped-back cover of ‘I Go To Sleep’ performed on Kate Ceberano’s live stream.

The new album showcases Vanessa’s powerhouse vocals, delivering songs in a diverse range of genres. From the bluesy and topical ‘Isolation’ to the grungey ’Coming Down Off You’ to the anthemic ‘Make Love Not War’, the power ballad ‘I Don’t Know How To Be Happy’, the country-inspired ‘15000 Revs’, the soulful ‘The First Step Is Letting Go’, or the acoustic ‘Nobody Talks To You Like That’ (just to name a few!), Vanessa Amorosi proves she is an extremely versatile performer, seamlessly singing across several styles.

One thing that won’t be found on this album is a dance pop hit like ‘Absolutely Everybody’ - Vanessa teased on her Instagram that her latest album would reveal “a very different side” of her. ‘The Blacklisted Collection’ is Vanessa Amorosi at her most raw and emotional, reclaiming what once was “blacklisted” and owning every word she sings.

‘The Blacklisted Collection’ is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, and all streaming platforms.

Vanessa Amorosi will also be promoting her latest album on Studio 10 this morning, as well as performing a live-streamed concert from her LA studio on Saturday night - get your tickets here:

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