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New music from 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' artists

The artists from ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides’ have been unstoppable, with more new music released over the last several weeks.

Today members from the Aussieivsion team run through the latest single releases from the following artists:

Adam Brand & Casey Donovan - ‘You Are Not Alone’

Released: 13 March 2020

Casey Donovan lends her powerful vocals in this duet with Australian country singer Adam Brand. ‘You Are Not Alone’ is written by Adam Brand and Travis Meadows and is from Adam Brand’s new album ‘Speed of Life’.

In the led up to the album release Brand explained the meaning behind the song:

“When you go through dark times you feel like no one else gets it, no one understands. You literally feel like you’re completely alone. But it’s just a feeling, it’s just that awful voice in your head that’s screaming at you saying “you’re all alone, you’re never going to get through this there’s no light at the at the end of the tunnel” But really, in reality, there’s people around you that you can talk to… The amazing Casey Donovan joins me on this song. Thanks Casey for helping me share these words.” ~ Kyriakos Tsinivits

Jaguar Jonze - ‘Rising Sun’ from ‘Diamonds and Liquid Gold EP’ Released: 17 April 2020

Two years after she released her first single, Jaguar Jonze dropped her much anticipated debut EP. There was a lot of buzz about Jaguar after her flawless and energetic performance at Australia Decides this year - and this release provides the perfect next chapter in that story. The EP includes her four previously released singles and two new tracks ‘Rising Sun’ and ‘Diamonds and Liquid Gold’. All six tracks come together to serve an EP that is rich in artistic substance across the lyrics, vocal performance, trademark guitars, and production. ~ Guy Hornsey

Sheppard - ‘Thank You’

Released: 8 May 2020

Sheppard released their latest single just in time for Mother’s Day and dedicate to all “our beautiful mums”. Due to Covid-19 the band couldn’t make a music video so their instead enlisted the help of their fans to send clips with their mothers to feature in this very special music video.

They have another new single coming out on June 26 called ‘Symphony’. This time around the music video will feature very picturesque scenes from the city of Brisbane. ~ Kyriakos Tsinivits

Mitch Tambo - ‘LOVE’ Released: 15 May 2020

There is plenty to LOVE about Mitch Tambo’s newest single. With lyrics in English and Tambo’s native Gamilaraay language, this banger is packed with four-to-the-floor dance beats influenced by 90s house music, as well as plenty of didgeridoo. LOVE is an uplifting track with plenty of positive energy which is sure to get the dance floor pumping when the lockdown restrictions lift! ~ Laura Amelia

Vanessa Amorosi - ‘I Don’t Know How To Be Happy’

Released: 18 May 2020

Releasing not one, not two, but NINE singles in the last couple of months, Vanessa Amorosi has been releasing a new song every week from her upcoming album ‘The Blacklisted Collection’; opening the vault to release musical archives she has written throughout her years from outside the pop genre. ‘I Don’t Know How To Be Happy’ is the soulful Jazz/RnB side of her artistry rarely seen from the ‘Absolutely Everybody’ singer, and the stripped back instrumental gives you a front row seat into her moving powerhouse vocals. ~ Jayde Gray

Leea Nanos - ‘Senses’ Released: 21 May 2020

Since competing as a breakthrough artist at ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2019’ with her song 'Set Me Free', 18 year old Leea Nanos has been realising pop hit after pop hit. Her latest single, 'Senses' has shown a new style for Leea with a raw and chilled tune about listening and following her gut instincts. It premiered last week on her YouTube channel accompanied by a matching moody lyric video for the song. ~ Cooper Olsen

Kate Miller-Heidke - ‘This Is Not Forever’ Released: 28 May 2020

Kate’s new single, ‘This Is Not Forever’, which is to feature on her highly anticipated untitled fifth album, is produced by Justin Stanley, and co-written by Kate together with Ingrid Andress and Justin Stanley. Kate wrote ‘This Is Not Forever’ after someone close to her was suffering depression and wanted to help them out. Check out our feature article here for more details. ~ Kyriakos Tsinivits

All their new singles are available now on iTunes and Google Play and streaming on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.


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