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Montaigne reveals details on new single 'Always Be You' to be performed at Australia Decides 2022

Montaigne performing at 170 Russell St, Melbourne | Image credit: Laura Smith

Australian Eurovision star Montaigne has performed her brand new song, 'Always Be You', at her concert in Melbourne last night.

The singer announced that the song will be released next week, just in time for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 where Montaigne is set to perform in the Gold Coast.

Australia's Eurovision 2020 and 2021 representative teased that the song was a collaboration between herself and another artist. Though Montaigne did not name her musical collaborator, she described working with them as "very exciting", and that all will be revealed about the partnership next week.

On stage at last night's concert, Montaigne described the meaning and inspiration behind 'Always Be You':

"It was written with my partner in the room, which is a symptom of how strong our relationship is. It's basically about how sometimes being in a relationship is really hard and you disappoint each other but ultimately you then go 'we had those times, [but] I still know that I'm probably going to be with you for the rest of my life.'"

The song is from Montaigne's upcoming album to be released later this year, which the singer described as "wholesome". Although the record was originally planned to be a concept album about space, Montaigne also revealed at last night's show that that theme was scrapped.

'Always Be You' will be performed live at Australia Decides 2022 on the Gold Coast.

'Eurovision - Australia Decides' takes place on the Gold Coast on 25 and 26 February. Get all details in our 'Australia Decides - Everything you need to know' article.


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