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Montaigne releases ‘Technicolour’ music video

The wait is over - the much-anticipated music video for Australia’s 2021 Eurovision entry ‘Technicolour’ has been released!

Montaigne teased a short preview clip on social media on Monday and it had her fans on the edge of their seats. Encircled by backup dancers and performing energetic choreography with magical girl-style finger gun poses, Montaigne has proven that she certainly has style and lasers! The video was produced by Eight Production Company and directed by Courtney Brookes, who has also directed music videos for Australian artists such as Lime Cordiale, Kita Alexander, and Erthlings.

The 'Technicolour' music video was shot in early April amidst a busy schedule in the lead-up to this year's Eurovision Song Contest, with a live concert at Monash University's Alexander Theatre the following day. Additionally, Montaigne recently appeared live at PrePartyES, Spain's online Eurovision preview party.

Montaigne has been hard at work to bring fans an anime-inspired, colourful and artistic music video for 'Technicolour'. Could we expect to see something similar in her live-on-tape performance at Eurovision 2021?

Check out the music video for Technicolour below:


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