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Montaigne announces upcoming new album 'making it!' and releases new single 'die b4 u'

Photo credit: Jacinthe Lau

Australia's Eurovision 2021 representative Montaigne has announced the release date of her upcoming album 'making it!' which is due to be release on September 2, 2022, as well as releasing her latest single 'die b4u'.

'die b4 u' premiered on the national Australian radio station Triple J last night during the show 'Home & Hosed'.

You can listen to 'die b4 u' here:

‘making it!’ is Montaigne’s third studio album and includes the new single ‘die b4 u’ as well as a song featuring Tokyo-based artist Maika Loubte called ‘comet death’ and a brand new collaboration with Talking Heads legend David Byrne titled ‘gravity’. Also included is 'jc ultra' which was potentially going to be Montaigne's Eurovision 2021 entry. 'Technicolour' ended up being selected instead.

The album is also set to feature 'make me feel so...' which Montaigne released back in May. 'make me feel so...' is a collaboration with Eurovision 2021 alumni Daði Freyr from Iceland.

In a statement Montaigne shared:

“The record is quite preoccupied with death and the cosmos, seemingly apocalyptic feelings and events, so the metaphor [of the monster] resonated. There was something about it that made me go: ‘that is me’. This particular monster Curtis created is kind of cute, bright, and colourful, because I think the record is sonically very colourful and playful. As fuelled as it is by anxiety and fear, it’s all dealt with a sort of fucked sense of humour."

Montaigne will celebrate the release of the new album with a national tour in September and October.

'making it! track list:

1. in the green room

2. embodi3d

3. die b4 u

4. jc ultra

5. now (in space)

6. sickcrydie

7. make me feel so…(feat dadi freyr)

8. always be you with david byrne

9. gravity with david byrne

10. comet death (feat maika loubte)


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