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Montaigne and Daði Freyr release new song collaboration 'make me feel so...'

Eurovision may be over for another year, but the bangers keep coming with the release of a new collaboration between Eurovision 2021 alumni Montaigne (Australia) and Daði Freyr (Iceland).

You can listen to their new song, 'make me feel so...' here:

'make me feel so...' was unexpectedly announced last week on each artist's respective social media accounts.

While perhaps not an obvious pairing, Montaigne and Daði are linked by a very unusual feature of their Eurovision experience - neither of them performed live at Eurovision 2021, due to the impact of pandemic restrictions on the contest in Rotterdam.

Speaking about the new song on Twitter, Montaigne didn't mince her words:

this song rips

Montaigne has represented Australia at Eurovision twice - first at the cancelled 2020 contest with 'Don't Break Me', and again in 2021 with 'Technicolour'. With the Australian delegation unable to attend Rotterdam in person, Montaigne was forced to use her live-on-tape performance for the live shows. Although she ultimately failed to qualify to the grand final, she still has a large fanbase in Australia and around Europe.

Daði Freyr, meanwhile, is something of a Eurovision legend, having appeared at Eurovision twice (also in 2020 and 2021) and also trying to represent Iceland a third time in 2017 with 'Is this love?' Daði's 2020 entry, 'Think About Things', became a viral hit and was a red-hot favourite to take out the whole contest before COVID-19 caused Eurovision 2020 to be cancelled. When Daði finally had his chance to appear at Eurovision, he eventually won fourth place - despite the fact that he never performed live, due a positive COVID-19 case in the Icelandic delegation!

'make me feel so...' is available now on iTunes and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.


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