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Montaigne's 'JC Ultra' will not be Australia's Eurovision entry for 2021

Earlier this year Montaigne revealed that she had written a potential song for Eurovision 2021 called 'JC Ultra'.

In an appearance on the Dragon Friends Twitch series she said the song was about she said: "I am pretty sure I have a song and it’s called ‘JC Ultra’ and its referenced to MKUltra that f**ked brain washing program that the CIA tried to do back in the day, in the 70’s or the 80’s. It’s about a society of aliens that has a major music label as a front for a brain washing program where they try to brain wash potential music celebrities to go out and spout pro-alien propaganda and to try and help the aliens to integrate into human society better and covertly usurp human power."

But in a Twitch stream a few weeks ago that she announced that it was not going to be the entry saying "my team outlawed it as it would be too challenging for an Eurovision audience, which is fair enough."

She went on to say it was also the pacing of the lyrics of the song that didn't work but that she wants to do something "fun" for Eurovision and that it needs to be a "single concept".

Watch her talk about it the song and Eurovision here:

Montaigne was chosen to represent Australia at Eurovision 2021 after missing her chance in 2020. She won 'Australia Decides' with 'Don't Break Me' this year but the Contest was cancelled due to COVID-19.


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