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Lithuanian National Final ‘Pabandom iš naujo’ 2020 Heat 3 Results

The Lithuanian National Final „Pabandom iš naujo!" 2020 („We Go Again! 2020”) continued this weekend with the third and final show of the elimination heats.

In the elimination heats only the top 6 out of the 12 acts progress to the semi finals. The successful acts were be selected by 50/50 combination of jury and public televoting.

Heat 3 Results:

THE ROOP ‘On Fire’ - 24 points

Aistė Pilvelytė - ‘Unbreakable’ - 18 points

KaYra ‘Alligator’ - 15 points

Evgenya Redko ‘Far’ - 14 points

Rokas Povilius ‘Vilnius Calling’ - 11 points

The Backs ‘Fully’ - 9 points

Nombeko Augustė ‘Reikia man’ - 8 points

Ruslanas Kirilkinas ‘Soldier's Heart’ - 7 points

Bernardas ‘Dad, Don't Be Mad at Me’ - 6 points

Vitalijus Špokaitis ‘Nemušk savęs’- 3 points 

Justina Žukauskaitė ‘Breathe In’ - 2 points

Lukas Bartaška ‘Where Is That Change?’ - 0 points

In Heat 3 the show quite a few performances stood out.

Firstly yet again THE ROOP were ‘On Fire’ scoring the full 24 points available, popular with both the jurors and public. Their performance was energetic, quirky and just what you love to see from a Lithuanian national final.

Aistè Pilvelyte smashed it with ‘Unbreakable’ co-written by ‘Euphoria’ co-writer Thomas G:son. She went all out the stage lighting too and deservingly made it through finishing in second place. It is her 12th national final and ‘Unbreakable’ is her 10th song entry.

The big fan favourite KaYra’s ‘Alligator’ lived up to the hype. She took the fun from her music video and translated it onto the stage. It really stood out from the other performances and is one to watch in the semi finals. A well deserved semi final qualifier.

A surprise of the night was Evgenya Redko’s performance of ‘Far’. She ticked all the boxes, impressive staging and great quirky song.

The biggest robbery of the show has to be Nombeko Augustė with ‘Reikia man’. Her performance was slick with good choreography and very seductive tone to her overall performance.

The six acts go through to the semi finals along with the Heat 1 and Heat 2 winners. You can find the Heat 1 winners here and Heat 2 winners here.

The first semi final of „Pabandom iš naujo!" 2020 will be on February 1 in Europe and February 2 in Australia.

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