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KEiiNO Q&A as they finish their Australian Tour

Alas KEiiNO has finished their Australian Tour but the week has been amazing for Australian Eurovision fans.

We had a qiuck Q&A with Alexandra before the group fly back to Europe.

People seem to really enjoy your national tour, what reception have you received from Australian fans?

The reception has been amazing. It’s surreal that so many have showed up to our concerts. The audience has been great in every concert, and we felt really welcomed by the Aussies.

We hear fans have been stealing setlists and demanding Tom take his top off, are your fans always this passionate?

Haha. That was fun. This is the first time we have experienced something like that.

You've had a few different outfits for your show, did you have a favourite?

We definitely love the neon-outfit. But we always wear outfits we love and feel comfortable in!

Has there been any highlights so far from your trip, somewhere you visited?

Definitely the sold out concert in Melbourne, at Northcote Social Club. That was awesome! But experiencing Australia has been lovely overall.

You broke the internet with Eurovision fans when announcing you were collaborating with Electric Fields. How was the experience recording with them and also Te Hau Tawhiti?

It was great. As Fred said earlier, he could really feel a deeper connection with them through his indigenous roots. We had a lot of fun in the studio, and made great music together. We can’t wait to show you what we created!

When can fans expect to hear the music, when will it be released?

On our album in February!!

Australia is a big country and you have travelled a LOT in a small time, will you have any rest or holiday time at the end of the tour, or is it straight back to Norway?

We had one day off, and we are now on our way to London.

Would you encourage other Eurovision artists to make the long trip to Australia?

Yes! Absolutely! Australia is amazing. We can’t wait to come back!

How would you describe Australians in three words?

Honest, kind and happy.

Thank you so much for making the trip, Australians fans are so grateful, and enjoy the rest of your tour

Thank you ;-)

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