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Junior Eurovision 2022: What we know so far

There are 50 days to go until the 20th edition of Junior Eurovision so we here at Aussievision have taken a look at what we know about this year's Contest so far!

We're off to Armenia!

Junior Eurovision 2022 will take place on December 11 in Yerevan, Armenia following the country's victory at the 2021 Contest with Maléna's 'Qami Qami'.

This will be second Junior Contest to be held in Armenia after they first hosted in 2011. The show will be held at Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex and the host broadcaster is AMPTV (Public Television Company of Armenia). The show's hosts have not yet been announced.

Spin The Magic

This year's theme is 'Spin The Magic' with a traditional spinning top being chosen to feature across the branding of the Contest. The design will feature throughout the show, with a spinning top produced in the colours of the flags of the 16 participating countries.

Will Australia be competing?

Back in August, both SBS and the ABC confirmed the news that Australia will not be competing at Junior Eurovision in 2022.

After participating for five years between 2015 to 2019, Australia will miss the competition for the third year in a row. Both SBS and most recent broadcaster ABC ME have no plans to participate or broadcast the Contest in Australia.

Australians will still be able to watch Junior Eurovision via the official YouTube account.

Who will be participating in the 2022 Contest?

16 countries will participate in Junior Eurovision this year, down from 19 in 2021. The United Kingdom is rejoining the Contest after a 17 year absence. Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany and Russia have all withdrawn this year.

The countries who have not yet confirmed their artist and song include:

  • Albania

  • Armenia

  • France

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • United Kingdom

The Irish representative will be revealed on October 23, when the winner of national selection show 'Junior Eurovision Éire' is announced.

The countries that have so far only announced their artist include:

  • Georgia - Mariam Bigvava

  • Kazakhstan - David Charlin

  • North Macedonia - Lara and Irina

  • Portugal - Nicolas Alves

  • Spain - Carlos Higes

The countries that have announced their artist and song include:

Malta - Gaia Gambuzza - 'Diamonds in the Skies'

Netherlands - Luna - 'La festa'

Poland - Laura Bączkiewicz - 'To the Moon'

Serbia - Katarina Savić - 'World Without Borders'

Photo credit: Gordan Jović, RTS

The song is expected to be released soon.

Ukraine - Zlata Dziunka - 'Nezlamna'

Some of these songs are expected to be re-recorded and revamped ahead of the Contest in December.

Junior Eurovision 2022 will be held in Yerevan on December 11, 2022 (December 12, 2022 in Australia).

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Rebecca Leonard
Rebecca Leonard
Oct 27, 2022

Had Denmark and Norway participated, here's who would've been selected for Yerevan.

🇩🇰 The Specials (from MGP Junior 2022) but with a new song since "Som vi er" was released in February

🇳🇴 William Høyem Ribe with a revamped version of "Tusen tanker"

The Specials performing "Som vi er" at MGP Junior 2022

William Høyem Ribe with his MGPjr 2022 trophy

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